Technical Writer Job Description Sample

It isn't uncommon to see other job descriptions referring to a technical writer as a technical communicator. When pursuing this career path, you'll be responsible for creating guides and articles explaining technical concepts. Your goal is to write these materials, so they're easier to understand by the end-user. Those who are the most successful in this field can "think like their audience" when translating technical jargon into layman's terms. It may be necessary for a technical writer to support their efforts using visuals, including graphs, illustrations, and photos.

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Technical Writer Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Technical Writer job description:

Our company is seeking a technical-minded writer for creating articles and guides that are easy-to-understand and informative for end-users. Working as a technical writer means you'll be responsible for creating hard and digital copy materials. It will also be your responsibility to research terminology, build a glossary, and work with a variety of departments to gauge their need for content. Successful candidates must have superior written communication skills. You should also have a deep understanding of the material about which you're writing.

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Technical Writer Salary

According to data U.S. News & World Report collected for the national average salary for technical writer in 2017, their median pay was $70,930.00 per year. Those who worked as a technical writer and were earning in the top 25% that year made $91,050.00. Careerists in the lower 25% saw earnings of $54,780.00 in 2017.

Technical Writer Job Description For Resume

A Technical Writer position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Produced technical documentation for over 1,000 users by collaborating with business teams to improve the process and save time. Completed six product manuals of over five hundred pages each and end-user documentation of over one thousand pages.

Technical Writer Skills

In this section, you’re outlining the technical skills you want the writer to have when completing work for your organization. Here, you’re breaking down the specifics regarding their qualifications regarding proficiencies, your expectations, and what makes them an ideal candidate.

Technical Writer Duties & Responsibilities

Hiring a technical writer is going to have different duties and responsibilities from one company to another. The main reason is that a security company is going to use different requirements compared to a hospital regarding clearance and researching.

Technical Writer Requirements

Use this section for pinpointing how the candidate can be successful at applying for your technical writing job regarding their educational background, software knowledge, and other background experience. Here’s your opportunity to drill-down the specifics.

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Technical Writer Job Description

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