Treasurer Job Description Sample

Working as a treasurer means you'll be responsible for overseeing all aspects of a business's financial management. That means you'll be overseeing their bookkeeping, funding, fundraising, and everything in between. Managing these various financial responsibilities involves delegating the work to either a finance sub-committee or support staff members. The treasure, however, remains responsible for overseeing compliance of regulations and financial systems. Some companies find it challenging to find an ideal treasurer. The main reason is that the position requires exceptional organizational skills, advanced knowledge of financial systems, and effective delegation capabilities. However, if you're the right candidate, businesses can find the best financial security. You may also see job titles that include Corporate Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, and Treasury Director.

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Treasurer Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Treasurer job description:

Our company is currently seeking an experienced treasurer for overseeing our payments operations team. Candidates should be reliable and experienced, as well as ready to help make a positive impact on the success of our company. Successful candidates are willing to take a leading role in our financial team. They'll be maintaining a highly organized financial system that facilitates our company's success. It will also be their responsibility to uphold and improve our treasury process regarding operational efficiency and compliance.

Treasurer Salary

PayScale compiled the national average salary for a treasurer as of 2019. Those who are working as a treasurer have a mean average salary of $84,716.00. That translates to treasurers earning $17.41 per hour, on average. Those seeking an entry-level position as a treasurer can expect an average wage of $46,000.00 annually. Careerists working for twenty years or more are reporting earning $115,000.00 as treasurers.

Treasurer Job Description For Resume

A Treasurer position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

More than six years of experience as a goal-oriented treasurer. I have a proven capability regarding functional business units, working across multiple geographic areas, and fostering positive change in foreign exchange. I have high-level skills in Excel, PowerPoint, FXpress, Bloomberg, and SAP.

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