Project Management Job Description Sample

A project manager is someone who is part of the operations of a business. They are primarily the individual who oversees projects and ensures they are meeting business objectives, meeting budget requirements, and meeting deadlines. Project management professionals can be found in a variety of industries. From construction to law to digital marketing and development. Project managers are operators that can move business objectives. Because of that, they are often needed across a wide variety of types of businesses.

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Project Management Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Project Management job description:

We are searching for a detail-oriented project manager who can help us move our business forward. Great project managers are those who are mindful of all the aspects of a project that could go correctly and could go incorrectly. They are mindful of deadlines, they are mindful of budgets, and they are mindful of client or company needs. A great project manager is someone who can multitask and manage a variety of inbound and outbound requests while keeping their composure.

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Project Management Salary

According to PayScale, a company that helps to estimate salaries in the United States of America, the average annual salary for a Project Management professional is around $74,000. Though, salaries drastically change depending on the industry and previous experience of the professional.

Project Management Job Description For Resume

A Project Management position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

5 years in a previous project management role. Comfortable running a P&L, comfortable with team leadership, multitasking and ensuring that deadlines are met. If you are currently seeing projects fall behind, hire me and that will change.

Project Management Skills

In this section, you’re detailing the skills and qualifications you’re expecting from every candidate applying for this position.

  • Analytical skills
  • Time management skills
  • Planning skills
  • Operational skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Team leadership skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Listening skills

Project Management Duties & Responsibilities

Potential candidates working as a Project Management for your organization must know their duties and responsibilities before applying for the position. Indicate what their role will be comprised of, as well as your expectations here.

  • Meet with business members and assess upcoming, current and active project needs.
  • Know how to present work in progress to clients and verbally communicate plans for the future.
  • Track project performance and analyze where the project might fall behind, if any.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan in association with all business objectives and timelines.
  • Report progress to all executive stakeholders while keeping staff members informed of the progress as well.
  • Be a team player within the project and ensure everyone is motivated to meeting end goals.
  • Delegate and assign tasks in a fashion that keeps efficiency at peak performance.

Project Management Requirements

Use this area for highlighting the educational background, certifications, and other skills you require for every candidate applying for this position.

  • 5 years experience in a previous project management role is preferred.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing, Communications is preferred.
  • PMP Certification is a plus.
  • Knowledge of industry specifics so that projects don't fall behind.
  • Ability to present excellent client-facing presentations that show off our skills as a brand/company.
  • Ability to manage a P&L.
  • Ability to lead a team and bring inspiration to the workforce on a daily basis.
Project Management Job Description

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Using a Job Description Template

Follow these instructions to use a job description template:

Job Description Format

Follow the format below when writing a job description.

Job Title:
[Job Title]

[Job Summary/Job Brief]

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • [List 4-5 essential functions of the job role]
  • [List 5+ qualifications including education level, experience level, key skills, and expectations of the job function]
(Optional) Work Environment:
  • [LIst 2-5 characteristics, traits, and other requirements of the role]
  • [If physical requirements are necessary, include reasonable accommodation details]
This role and job position will report directly to [Job Title] who leads [Department Name].

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