School Counselor Job Description Sample

A school counselor is someone who is staffed as a full-time member of faculty, designed to help students achieve their academic goals. A school counselor may sometimes help out with personal, social and sports-related goals as well. They can be found in a variety of grade levels, from K-12. They are professionals who have a keen ability in being able to listen, guide and respond to queues of the student.

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School Counselor Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good School Counselor job description:

We are seeking a passionate school counselor who can join our faculty and play a pivotal role in youth development. A great school counselor is someone who has a passion for wanting to see children succeed, has great listening skills and can think creatively about ways to help a child achieve their personal and educational goals.

School Counselor Salary

A school counselor salary and pay looks roughly like the following:

  • For those who are highly experienced: $72,000 annually
  • For those with a median amount of experience: $50,200 annually
  • Fore those who are entry-level: $37,200 annually

School Counselor Job Description For Resume

A School Counselor position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Previous experience working in child development. Comfortable listening to students' needs and assessing a plan that may be able to help them progress forward. Comfortable in establishing this commitment with the student and following up on assessment.

School Counselor Skills

In this section, you’re detailing the skills and qualifications you’re expecting from every candidate applying for this position.

  • Assessment skills
  • Planning skills
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Listening skills
  • Counseling skills
  • Computer skills
  • Creative thinking skills

School Counselor Duties & Responsibilities

Potential candidates working as a School Counselor for your organization must know their duties and responsibilities before applying for the position. Indicate what their role will be comprised of, as well as your expectations here.

  • Communicate with students on a regular basis and find where they may be feeling particular obstacles.
  • Create assessment plans and evaluate area's where a student has a strength (KSAOs).
  • Learn how to identify better social habits within the school environment and provide that guidance to students.
  • Value and respond to all questions and goals related to modern-diversity and personal needs.
  • Analyze student behaviors and find area's where social interactions can be improved.
  • Assist in the guidance of our group or personalized guidance counseling sessions.
  • Develop personal goal setting plans and set higher standards for a student.

School Counselor Requirements

Use this area for highlighting the educational background, certifications, and other skills you require for every candidate applying for this position.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Education preferred.
  • Masters in Counseling or similar is preferred.
  • Ability to engage and connect with students of all age groups.
  • Ability to collect and analyze personal performance and goal related data.
  • Ability to show computer literacy and how computers can help achieve personal goals.
  • Advocate for betterment on the student body.
  • Ability to show up with integrity, honesty and professionalism on a daily basis.

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School Counselor Job Description

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