Personal Banker Job Description Sample

A personal banker is someone who is part of a banking branch. They are professionals who help customers with their banking needs. These needs usually pertain to the opening or closing of accounts. Or sometimes the evaluation or issuance of mortgages or auto loans. A personal banker helps a patron with all of their financial needs as it pertains to that institution and that branch.

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Personal Banker Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Personal Banker job description:

We are seeking passionate and knowledgeable personal bankers who are willing to help our customers with a variety of their personal banking needs. From mortgages to auto loans. Personal bankers provide financial guidance to those who need it on an ongoing basis. All personal bankers should have a keen understanding of our financial products and how they work.

Personal Banker Salary

A Personal Banker salary and pay looks roughly like the following:

Personal bankers with a median level of experience could expect to earn somewhere in the $17.60 hourly pay range. Those with 9+ years of experience could expect to earn more, somewhere in the $25.00 hourly range. Personal bankers are compensated for accounts they issue and loans they initiate. Each institution has its own form of compensation for this. The average personal banker can earn $200 for every checking account they open.

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Personal Banker Job Description For Resume

A Personal Banker position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Previous experience in personal finance. Comfortable with all forms of finance, from mortgages to auto loans. Willing to work with customers and managers to ensure that all parties are happy. Customer service is my priority.

Personal Banker Skills

In this section, you’re detailing the skills and qualifications you’re expecting from every candidate applying for this position.

  • Personal finance skills
  • Math skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • People skills
  • Cash handling skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Attention to detail

Personal Banker Duties & Responsibilities

Potential candidates working as a Personal Banker for your organization must know their duties and responsibilities before applying for the position. Indicate what their role will be comprised of, as well as your expectations here.

  • Perform all daily responsibilities which include cross-selling bank products, providing knowledge of banking products to patrons and helping customers with their active personal banking needs.
  • Be proactive in the sales process when customers arise, helping them with their financial needs but guiding them towards products and services that are suitable for them.
  • Meet or exceed all personal banker sales goals as directed by the branch manager.
  • Maintain a record of all sales and generate reporting for branch managers and other personal bankers.
  • Deliver exceptional customer service at all times, showing that you have extensive knowledge of our products and services.
  • Provide support to new and less experienced personal bankers when applicable.
  • Take direction from our branch manager and ensure that monthly and quarterly goals are always top of mind.

Personal Banker Requirements

Use this area for highlighting the educational background, certifications, and other skills you require for every candidate applying for this position.

  • High School Diploma or GED preferred.
  • 1 year experience at a financial branch of some kind.
  • Cash handling skills preferred.
  • Previous experience in retail banking or previous experience as a personal banker preferred.
  • Knowledge of the institutions banking products and services.
  • Ability to take initiative and use great judgement when opportunities present themselves.
  • Must have the ability to demonstrate sales initatives.
Personal Banker Job Description

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