Best "Thank You" Email After A Second Interview

thank you email after second interview

Did you just finish your second interview with a company? Wondering if you should send a “thank you” email to those you interviewed with? The answer is, yes. Second interviews can be difficult. You made it to the next round in terms of potential hires. And from here, you’ll find out whether or not you’ll get an employment offer.

Sending a “thank you” email can be seen as a professional and courteous act. Considering those who interviewed you took time out of their workday to focus on speaking with you and answering questions you might have had about the company.

Why Are “Thank You” Emails Always A Good Idea To Send

A “thank you” email is a great way to build a relationship and connection with someone you interviewed with. It shows you are honored, humbled, and appreciative of the time they spent with you. This is a very professional way to show you care about the job you might be offered.

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Secondarily, it shows that you:

How Soon To Send The “Thank You” Email

Like all of my “thank you” email guides, I recommend you send your thank you email no later than 2 business days after your interview. If you can, try to wait 24 hours, then send your email. Choose a time in the afternoon, when there’s a higher likelihood that the recipient has already gone through all of the emails they received in the morning. This increases the chances that they will see your email and it won’t be covered up by other email inbox activity.

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What If You Sent A “Thank You” Email After Your First Interview

If you sent a “thank you” email after your first interview, it’s okay to send another. Most likely, you’re interviewing with a brand new set of employees and not speaking with the other set you spoke within the first round of interviews. Set aside your worries that you’re sending too many of these emails. Be sure that you send the emails to those who deserve it. Like for example, the HR representative who ensured that your meetings were on time and coordinated for the day. He or she deserves a thank you.

What Should Go Inside The “Thank You” Email

Keep it simple. For second round interviews, your “thank you” email should be appreciative and show that you are honored that the person took the time to speak with you. If you can, try to make sure your email covers some of the following:

If the interviewer had “an ask” for you during the interview sessions, be sure that you cover that in the “thank you” email. Let’s say it was something related to sending a few links to your recently published blog posts. Be sure to include that.

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Sample “Thank You” Email After Your Second Interview

Subject line: Really appreciate your time

Email body:

Dear (Interviewer) —

I wanted to shoot you a quick note and say thank you for spending time with me the other day. I absolutely love meeting more team members who are part of the company. And I would be honored to be able to work with you every day. I hope we get that chance!

If you have any further questions for me or need something specific, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you so much,
(Your name)

Tips For Your Email

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re writing your email:

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