100 Inspirational Graphic Design Blogs For 2019

100 Inspirational Graphic Design Blogs For 2019

Looking for a creative jolt to make 2019 your best design year ever? Look no further than this list of 100 of the most inspiring, thought-provoking graphic design blogs from expert designers all over the world. I hope you enjoy this list as for me, it was difficult to find a list of great graphic design blogs. It seems as though its something not too many people are blogging about, which is a true shame. Some of these on the list are sites you might not have heard of, which is the hope. If you have any other inspirational graphic design sites that aren't on this list, please email me and I would be happy to consider them as part of this effort. Any social share or link from your blog or website to this would be truly appreciated and would show these amazing writers and creators how much you enjoy the time they put into what they do.

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magzine offers insight on design usability, how to improve SEO and UX, and best practices for intelligent mobile design.

2. Envato Tuts +

Envato Tuts + is a great resource for tutorials on skills and shortcuts for all design element, plus articles about new design trends and tools.

3. Noupe

Noupe is a great resource for designers who need to align with corporate marketing standards but don't want to stifle their creativity. If you're a corporate designer with an itch to color outside the lines, check out this blog.

4. Design Soak

Design Soak shines a spotlight on the best design talent from all over the world. Articles feature project displays and inspiring visual imagery.

5. Telepathy

With a large focus on UI and UX, Telepathy offers a huge library of articles for designers with an interest in functional design and a better user experience.

6. Creative Overflow

With articles encompassing professional advice, tutorials, visual inspiration, and design resources, Creative Bloq offers its readers daily tips, visual inspiration, and complementary resources to help designers hone their skills and grow their talents.

8. Graphic Mama

One of the foremost leaders for vector graphics, infographics, and illustrations, Graphic Mama offers its audience free templates and graphics and a wealth of design tips and articles.

9. Dribbble

As unique as its name, Dribbble is a playground for designers to show off their best work and receive feedback from their peers. Browse work, promote your own designs and give and receive advice on design elements.

10. Graphic Design Junction

With hundreds of articles featuring topics like logos, fonts, and typography, Graphic Design Junction has information on all facets of design, as well as freebies and monthly giveaways.

11. How Design Blog

How Design Blog features the latest news, trends and cutting-edge design samples to inspire creativity.

12. TemplateMonster Post

TemplateMonster Post focuses on WordPress-related design. With free resources, best practices, and helpful tips for navigating the WordPress niche of the design world, it’s a valuable resource for web designers.

13. From Up North

From Up North features a gallery-style collection of inspiring designs and themes. It’s updated bi-monthly with fresh, new work from all over the world.

14. You the Designer

As one of the industry’s foremost design lifestyle blogs, You the Designer focus on industry trends and highlights from designers of all styles.

15. Logoed

If you’re looking for beautiful logo designs and inspiration for new layouts, look no further than Logoed.

16. Trendland

Trendland has a huge menu of topics to choose from, including tech, fashion, and design illustrations from all industries.

17. Booooooom

Based in Canada, Booooooom features edgy and avant-garde illustrations to inspire thought-provoking new perspectives on design.

18. Packaging Digest

For industrial designers, Packaging Digest showcases industrial designs from all industries and offers best practices for designers in the packaging industry.

19. Packaging of the World

Even if your primary focus isn’t packaging design, Packaging of the World is a great resource to inspire creativity about product and brand design elements.

20. I Love Typography

I Love Typography features the world’s most popular fonts, as well as training articles, tips, and interviews with experts in typography.

21. Type everything

Type everything features letter types of all colors, types, and sizes, handpicked by artists. You can browse information about fonts as well as purchase the fonts that catch your eye.

22. Incredible Types

With beautiful typography from across the globe, Incredible Types features each design in both black and white and color.

23. Motionographer

Motionographer is a unique blog for designers who focus on animation and telling stories through moving designs.

24. Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz highlights illustrations from both established and emerging new artists. The blog is always fresh, with updates every day.

25. Logo Pond

For small business logo design, Logo Pond is a great resource to check out work from your peers and share your own work to promote your business.

26. Brand New

Although Brand New has been around for about ten years, it holds true to its name, posting new updates almost daily with content and insights from designers.

27. DavidAirey.com

David Airey is the author of Logo Design Love and Work For Money, Design For Love. He is world-renowned for his graphic design talent that extends from logos to swimming pool design.

28. Onextrapixel

Onextrapixel gives its readers free resources, tutorials, freebies, and giveaways every month. With articles about photography, illustrations, and fonts, Oneextrapixel is a one-stop shop.

29. CreativeNerds

In addition to blog articles and creative roundups on a variety of topics, CreativeNerds offers a YouTube channel with helpful tutorials for designers.

30. Designhill

For design entrepreneurs looking for inspiration to grow their businesses, Designhill is the place to not only get valuable insight and interactive guides but to also submit work to be featured on their website.

31. Specky Boy Design

Specky Boy Design’s online magazine features new posts every week for tips and articles to inspire creative web and graphic designs.

32. Line25

Although Line25 has a heavy focus on website design, it is managed by graphic design expert Chris Spooner and incorporates resources and tutorials for designers of all kinds.

33. Inspiration Feed

Inspiration Feed features helpful information for start-up design firms, along with social media advice and business tips.

34. Graphic Design Blender

Graphic Design Blender offers think-outside-the-box for dealing with difficult clients, pricing your services and designs and building a website that will get noticed by your audience.

35. DesignBeep

With tutorials, freebies and other free resources, DesignBeep offers weekly roundups with inspirational web design and creative visuals.

36. Design Festival

Design Festival is one of the premier blogs for step-by-step guides and design inspiration. With plenty of free resources, designers of all interests and backgrounds can find something to spur creativity.

37. AisleOne

AisleOne is a diverse blog that features resources for both minimalist and modern design, as well as a wide range of typography styles.

38. 99Designs Blog

99Designs Blog is a UK-based site that includes some of the industry’s best crowd-sourced content and is updated frequently with engaging, thought-provoking content.

39. The Next Web’s Creative News

Hongkiat has one of the largest repositories of design tutorials, resources, and inspiration boards available. Topics include design strategies from a wide variety of niches.

41. Designrfix

Designrfix offers frequent “design deals,” freebies and resources as well as articles from expert designers.

42. Designer Daily

Design trends change at the speed of light. Blogs like Designer Daily that are updated every day are a great resource to stay ahead of trends in the industry.

43. Graphic Mania

With free vector packs, captivating imagery and numerous design tutorials, Graphic Mania is an all-in-one resource for designers.

44. Company Folders Blog

The Company Folders Blog is full of easily digested listicle-type articles and resources for designers, with content updated frequently.

45. Design Juices

Design Juices spotlights interviews with designers and offers follow-up articles and materials to support new design trends.

46. Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake does an excellent job of using video tutorials as an educational resource for great design. His blog and channel are full of advice for designers of all experience levels.

47. Creative Roots

With art and design from all over the world, Creative Roots also lets readers filter resources by country.

48. Dexigner

Dexigner is an intuitive resource portal for creative professionals of all types, including designers, illustrators, and artists.

49. HND Graphics

HND Graphics approaches design from an academic perspective. It’s curated by Richmond Upon Thames College and offers resources and advice to young designers.

50. Boagworld

Paul Boag, the graphic design expert behind Boagworld describes his blog as a source for “Advice on Every Area of Digital and User Experience.” It’s entertaining and chock full of great information.

51. Designmodo

While Designmodo focuses heavily on developer-related resources, it does an excellent job of tying in UI and UX best practices for graphic designers.

52. Spyre Studios

Spyre Studios is a crowd favorite for designers looking for intermediate web tutorials and design inspiration.

53. Vandelay Design

A popular blog for general interest articles, Vandelay Design offers resources from a wide variety of design topics, for both web and print design.

54. Spoon Graphics

The UK-based blog Spoon Graphics covers nearly every touchpoint within the design process and also offers free web-based tutorials.

55. Awwwards Blog

The Awwwards Blog is known for their web design awards, but their blog content is not to be overlooked. It’s a wealth of valuable information on design topics and trends.

56. I Can Be Creative

The I Can Be Creative blog offers free design resources and information about the latest trends to fuel design inspiration.

57. Design Follow

Design Follow offers just what its name implies-- a resource for designers to follow for the latest design trends and topics.

58. Interactive Red Blog

For designers who focus mainly on the digital and interactive side of design, the Interactive Red Blog is a valuable source of information for the latest on mobile and digital design technology.

59. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot isn’t just popular with web designers. It’s also a comprehensive resource for general design topics and trends.

60. UX Magazine

UX Magazine links design trends to the world of user experience, with resources explaining how to apply design techniques to UX.

61. The Logo Smith

Graham Smith’s Logo Smith Blog is an endless resource for design inspiration and stories about Graham’s personal experience as a freelance graphic designer.

62. Branding Served

Branding Served curates and “serves up” the industry’s best design resources and content.

63. Logogeek

Logogeek is a collection of exceptionally well-written and thoughtful articles related to logo and branding.

64. Lovely Stationery

Offering a curated collection of the most creative stationery designs, Lovely Stationery is a source for inspiration for designers of all kinds.

65. Type for You

A blog about typography, Type for You includes font inspiration and news, along with interviews from design experts.

67. Type Token

Type Token shines a spotlight on the latest trends in typography and visual languages, prompting conversation and collaboration among readers.

68. Iain Claridge Blog

Ian Claridge’s blog is described as “a repository for random morsels of ocular delight” and for good reason, with its host of beautiful imagery.

69. We and the Color

With daily posts containing new art and design, there is almost something new to see at We and the Color.

70. Inspired Mag

True to its name, Inspired Mag is a design blog that focuses on the inspirational side to design and development.

71. Site Inspire

Site Inspire showcases the world’s most beautiful websites for design inspiration.

72. The Inspiration Hut

The Inspiration Hut offers not only daily doses of art and design but also makes free downloads available to readers.

73. Co. Design

With a wide range of topics from gadgets to global news, Co. Design adds an interesting spin to design topics and keeps readers engaged.

74. Justcreative

Justcreative is a must-read resource for young designers. It not only offers information about the latest trends but also explains how to break into the design business.

75. NuSchool

NuSchool has an endless repository of articles that approach design from an educational angle.

76. Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder is one of the best blogs for design freelancers, offering tips about successfully managing an independent design business.

77. Clients from Hell

Clients From Hell offers hilarious and cringe-worthy stories about terrible design clients. Sure to make you feel better during a bad day.

78. Paul Jarvis’ Blog

With a simple, but beautiful site construction, Paul Jarvis offers expert insights to designers based on his own experience.

79. Cameron Moll’s Blog

In his blog, Cameron Moll talks about all things design, putting a witty spin on each topic he touches.

80. Subtraction

With a sleek, minimalist layout, Subtraction is a simple, easy-to-navigate resource for busy designers.

81. Stuff and Nonsense

With a site description like “stuff and nonsense and all that malarkey,” you can be assured that the content on Stuff and Nonsense is always witty and interesting.

82. Ciera Design

Ciera specializes in helpful tips for freelance designers with a range of topics and resources.

83. Rair

Rair goes beyond traditional design advice to provide helpful hints for design start-ups and legal issues.

84. Pinnate Road

Kelsey, of Pinnate Road, is an expert on running a successful freelance design business.

85. Brent Galloway’s Blog

Brent shares experience about his day to day life as a graphic designer, with helpful best practices and tips for success.

86. Siever’s Creative

For insights about marketing, web design and advertising, check out Siever’s Creative. It is updated frequently and always has something new.

87. TheHotSkills

TheHotSkills is a design gallery site teeming with creative ideas for websites that also offers tips for design success.

88. CSS Tricks

For designers who want to brush up on web skills, CSS Tricks offers posts and tutorials to help hone development abilities.

89. Shopify Blog

Even if you don’t specialize in retail-focused design, Shopify’s blog will inspire creativity with articles and tips from expert designers.

90. Wix

Wix offers the latest news and information about web design tools and elements for web and graphic designers.

91. Good UI

Good UI is a frequently-updated library of inspiration for UI designers. It also offers a tool to track your skill development as you work through the library.

92. Naldz Graphics

Readers of Naldz Graphics have access to daily freebies and tutorials to incorporate into their own designs.

93. SitePoint

SitePoint is a hub for web and design professionals with an interest in development, SEO and entrepreneurship.

94. Codrops

Codrops is a wealth of tutorials, design blueprints, and content focusing on the latest in design trends.

95. Web Designer Wall

A little over ten years old, Web Designer Wall is one of the industry’s most-featured blogs for its beautiful design and rich content.

96. Web Design Ledger

With several new articles available every single day, Web Design Ledger’s sole goal is to provide valuable information to designers in the form of tips, articles, and interviews.

97. 1st Web Designer

1st Web Designer teachers designers how to design a website from scratch with tips for using CSS templates and WordPress themes.

98. Bashooka

Developers and designers alike will benefit from Bashooka’s creative design ideas and tutorials.

99. Instant Shift

Instant Shift is a community of designers providing information about plugins, Photoshop, CSS and virtually any other design tool.

100. 24 Ways

24 Ways publish a different design-related post every day in December to set designers up for success in 2019.

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