Including Your Contact Information on a Resume

how to include your contact information on a resume cover letter

During the job application process you’ll see that applications require you to include your professional contact information as part of your resume and cover letter. I’m going to show you exactly what you should do and what you shouldn’t do when filling out this section of your resume or cover letter.

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Why Companies Need Your Contact Information

Most likely, you’ve submitted your application through an online job portal. In that job portal, it asks you for your contact information. So you might be wondering, why do they need it again?

The reason is that if you were to go in for an interview, the Human Resources department prints out your resume and cover letter for the interviewer. During that session, they might reference what’s on your contact information. For example, they know to call you “Patrick” instead of “Pat” because it’s how you address yourself in the contact information.

What Should Not Go In Your Contact Information Section

Here are a few things you want to avoid putting into your contact information section. For the most part, they would be unnecessary:

Keep your contact information professional, clean, and easy to read.

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What You Should Include In Your Contact Information Section

Here are a few things that you should include:

If you want to stand out, try thinking about an additional line to your contact information that includes your social media handles. Be aware, you should only do this if you’re applying for a job where your social media handles can help. For example, if you’re applying for a finance position and speak about finance often on your Twitter account; include it.

Or if you are applying for the role of a social media coordinator and you want to show how many Instagram followers you’ve been able to get; include it.

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Best Example Contact Information Section

Here is an example of what you should put for your contact information section:

Mr. John D. Smith
123 Road St., New York, NY 12211

Best Example Contact Information Section When Applying For Jobs Out Of State

Here is what your contact information section should look like if you’re applying for a job out of state:

Mr. John D. Smith
123 Road St., New York, NY 12211
Relocating to: 123 Street Road, San Francisco CA 94112
Reloacting on: 8/4/20

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