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resume reference page

At times a job application or Human Resource manager might ask you to list your references along with your resume. They might ask, “Can you please include a reference page?”

So what is a reference page? How do you include one in your resume and what should it contain? We’re going to answer these questions in this quick and insightful guide to putting together your resume reference page.

What Are References

References are people in your life, usually in your previous working history, who can attest to your soft skills and hard skills. For example, if you were to say that you were very good with verbal communication skills in the workplace, your future employer might want to contact your references and check that they felt you were great at this skill as well.

Who Should Go On Your Reference List

Depending on the type of references, sometimes it should be professional references and personal references. For job applications, professional references are best. But if you don’t have any references you can include a professor, close friend, family member or someone else who might carry merit.

What Should Go On The Resume Reference Page

When you include this page as part of your resume, all you have to do is list the contact information to the person that you’re including as part of your list.

For example, here is what you might want to include:

Here is what it might end up looking like:

Mr. George Simpleton
General Manager
GM Motors
123 Street Road, New York NY 12211

That’s ideally how a single reference should look. Try to include at least three professional references. Anything lower than three might look light in terms of your working experience. Ensure that these references line up to what your working history is on your resume, as well.

What Should Go At The Top Of The Page

When you include your resume reference list, be sure that you make it a separate page. Don’t try to include it as part of your previous working experience. Instead, create a new page and simply put your own contact information at the top of the page.

It should end up looking something like this:

Patrick David
123 Road Court, New York NY 12211

Reference List

It’s as simple as that. Simply create a business heading and include your own information as well as a simple headline that says “Reference List”, then include your references as we did in the template above.

Try to keep your font smaller, 11pt or 10pt, as large font for this reference page could make it appear as though you want your references to seem “longer” than they actually are. Keep your reference list legible and clear. This page is utilitarian in nature.

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