How to Put a LinkedIn Profile on a Resume or Job Application (+ Examples)

how to include your linked url on your resume

Including a LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn URL on a resume can be a powerful tool for the recruiter or hiring manager to review. This can give these human resource professionals an opportunity to see career accomplishments, accolades, how a candidate presents themselves professionally, and much more.

As a job seeker, including a LinkedIn URL on a resume, can be beneficial. It is only one additional line of contact details to include on both the cover letter and resume. But before including this information, each job seeker should consider what their LinkedIn profile is presenting to the hiring manager.

Many job seekers feel this is less important to include a LinkedIn profile URL if the resume is going to be printed as a paper resume. It’s advisable to include it, regardless of the media and place where the job application is going to be reviewed.

A Professional LinkedIn Profile

A professional LinkedIn profile has the following features:

A professional LinkedIn profile photo

A professional profile photo of the candidate. This should be a professional headshot and portrait photograph.

Previous work history

Previous work experience that shows progressing job titles. From entry-level positions to mid-level positions. Additional work experience like volunteer experience or internships should be part of the LinkedIn profile as well. Avoid using a "trendy" job title for previous work experience like, "Code Ninja". Use a traditional job title like, "Software Engineer" for each previous work experience.

A professional headline photograph

A professional feature photo or “headline photo” on the LinkedIn profile. This should be something simple but creative. A headline photograph should present your personal interests and sense of style. This is where a candidate can show their personal brand or present a personal statement.

A professional LinkedIn summary or career summary

A professional LinkedIn profile summary or LinkedIn summary. This summary should be similar to the resume summary or expanded upon, which shows the prospective employer significant work accomplishments in a summarized way.

A customized profile URL

A customized LinkedIn profile URL. This should be something like the following:


LinkedIn recommendations. Having recommendations and reviews from previous employers and colleagues can be a great way to show competencies and being a valuable addition to the workplace. A great LinkedIn profile has anywhere from three to five recommendations.

Publicly viewable profile

A public profile. Be sure the LinkedIn profile is set to public to the hiring manager or recruiter can view the profile page.

High impact LinkedIn headline

A catchy LinkedIn headline. Since this headline is a short bio, include accomplishments in this section. For example, “Hired 10+ Engineers in 6 months”. You can use multiple accomplishments and separate them using line breakers like this, “6M in Revenue in 6 months | Product Management | Agile Development”.

The most important parts of a LinkedIn profile for a potential employer are the profile summary, headline, profile picture, and previous work history.

Add a Resume to LinkedIn

To add a resume to LinkedIn, follow these steps:

Now there is a LinkedIn resume readily available for recruiters, hiring managers, and other profile viewers to see during a job search.

Where to Put a LinkedIn URL on a Cover Letter

Job applicants should place a LinkedIn profile URL as the last piece of the contact information under the contact details portion of the cover letter.

For example:

John Smith

Where to Put a LinkedIn URL on a Resume

Job applicants should put the LinkedIn profile URL as the last contact detail information item in the resume header. This is where the contact details should go.

For example:

John Smith - 630-448-5847 - -

Where to Put a LinkedIn URL on an Email Signature

Job applicants who are required to email a resume and cover letter may want to include the LinkedIn URL in a professional email signature as well.

For example:

John Smith - 630-448-5847 - - -

A link to a Twitter profile page or Facebook online profile page is less applicable for a recruiter or hiring manager and should be excluded. This includes any other social media presence aside from LinkedIn. A personal website, as long as it’s for professional use, should be included in the email signature as well.

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