Photographer Job Description Sample

A photographer is a professional who handles the picture taking of significant events. A professional photographer can be found in wedding situations, news industries, modeling industries, and much more. A photographer is someone who knows how to capture important moments that be used for commercial purposes.

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Photographer Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Photographer job description:

We are searching for a professional photographer to join our team and help us instill a great sense of documentation into our business. We are looking for photographers who can help address both internal and external events and ensure they are captured invaluable, creative ways.

Photographer Salary

A Photographer salary and pay looks roughly like the following:

On average a Photographer earns between $51,400 and $73,000 per year in The United States. Photographers with a significant amount of experience or potential celebrity may be able to earn more.

Photographer Job Description For Resume

A Photographer position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Commercial photography experience. Comfortable capturing news events as well as commercial events such as a business gathering or banquet.

Photographer Skills

In this section, you’re detailing what skill requirements you have for the candidate’s role as a Photographer. These skills have more to do with how they’ll perform on the job, as well as other skills that will support their position.

  • Creative skills
  • Planning skills
  • Coordination skills
  • Adaptability skills
  • Analytical skills

Photographer Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities will change from company to company. However, you must be including the core details regarding this position in this section. That way, there’s no confusion regarding the candidate’s expectations.

  • Be part of our creative team and help capture studio focused photography.
  • Take part in our team of photography experts who are out in the field capturing corporate events as well as news events.
  • Ensure that all photography is processed and ready for it's intended use.
  • Ensure that all photography deadlines are met in proper fashion.
  • Deliver photography to both our Marketing and Sales teams to use as collateral.

Photographer Requirements

Use this section for diving further into detail regarding the requirements you have for this job regarding education, certifications, and other experience. If you have specific computer or software background requirements, list them here as well.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Photography preferred.
  • Experience taking photographs for print and web, preferred.
  • Experience going on location, preferred.
  • The ability to plan your own travel to shoot locations.
  • The ability to hire a Director of Photography if you need it.
  • Must have a unique, creative eye.
Photographer Job Description

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Photographer Job Description Template

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Using a Job Description Template

Follow these instructions to use a job description template:

Job Description Format

Follow the format below when writing a job description.

Job Title:
[Job Title]

[Job Summary/Job Brief]

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • [List 4-5 essential functions of the job role]
  • [List 5+ qualifications including education level, experience level, key skills, and expectations of the job function]
(Optional) Work Environment:
  • [LIst 2-5 characteristics, traits, and other requirements of the role]
  • [If physical requirements are necessary, include reasonable accommodation details]
This role and job position will report directly to [Job Title] who leads [Department Name].

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