Civil Engineer Job Description Sample

Working as a civil engineer means you'll be responsible for creating, making improvements upon, and working to protect our immediate environment. You'll be planning and overseeing the construction and rebuilding process, and wall and the maintenance of airports, bridges, dams, harbors, power plants, and railways.

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Civil Engineer Job Description Sample

Our organization is looking for a civil engineer with drive and expertise who has a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Successful candidates are comfortable splitting their hours between on-site visits, the office, and attending council meetings. Working as a civil engineer means you're a critical thinker with a sound subject knowledge of physics and math for identifying and solving engineering problems. You must also possess creativity for presenting innovative improvements and solutions to technical processes. You'll be effectively communicating ideas, making recommendations, and negotiating project details with your team, clients, and subcontractors.

Civil Engineer Salary

According to PayScale's 2019 data, the average national wage for a civil engineer is $65,475.00 per year. That averages to $29.06 per hour. Entry-level civil engineers can expect earnings of $56,000.00 annually. Those who are working in this field for twenty years or longer are reporting an income of $96,000.00 or higher per year.

Civil Engineer Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Detail-oriented Civil Engineer with more than five years experience and a keen interest in complex problem-solving. Seeking to use proven design and project management skills to improve cost, quality, and time metrics for your organization. At my previous employer, I completed ten $4 million+ project 15% under budget and within specs.

Civil Engineer Skills

Organizations seek candidates who have commercial awareness and can work well within team environments. They're also looking for individuals who possess a particular set of "soft" skills.

  • Superb critical thinking and analytical skills, with a high level of accuracy in design and calculations.
  • Excellent time management skills that ensure all project deadlines are met.
  • Has practical leadership skills for managing a diverse professional group working on one projec.
  • Strong scientific, IT, and mathematical skills.
  • Methodically thinks while managing projects.
  • Works according to deadlines and within budgetary restrictions.
  • Maintains an overview of a project's entirety while attending to detailed technicalities.

Civil Engineer Duties & Responsibilities

Under most circumstances, civil engineers fall under two different categories, including consulting engineers and contracting engineers. Consulting engineers work on designing projects in the office. Contract engineers are responsible for taking those designs and implementing them during construction. Contracting engineers work on the job site managing the construction process. Therefore, the duties and responsibilities will vary from job to job.

  • Develops detailed designs.
  • Conducts site assessments and feasibility assessments.
  • Prepares and implements project plans.
  • Researches and provides project estimates.
  • Reviews government ordinances and regulations.
  • Monitors and optimizes production processes, regulatory compliance, and safety procedures.
  • Makes recommendations or presents alternative solutions for problems.
  • Is confident liason with professional contractors and clients.
  • Completes project management duties, including managing budgets, deadlines, and resources, acquiring and compiling quotes.

Civil Engineer Requirements

Becoming a civil engineer involves a strict set of criteria, including receiving your degree from a school accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers. Other qualifications include the following:

  • Bachelor's in Civil Engineering or an equivalent field that's certified by the Institute of Civil Engineers.
  • May need Registration or licensure as a Professional Engineer.
  • At least five years' of industry knowledge may be a strong desire.
  • Be familiar with design software, including AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk, and MicroStation.
  • Knowledge of photo imaging and map creation software.
  • Ability to coordinate and manage more than one project at a time.
Civil Engineer Job Description

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