LPN Job Description: Salary, Duties, Skills

LPNs (licensed practical nurses) are in high demand in several industries throughout the world. You'll find that the majority of LPNs are working in healthcare facilities, including doctors' offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. Their duties include assisting doctors and staff, communicating with patients and families, observing patients' health, and providing routine care. You'll also find LPNs working outside of traditional healthcare settings, as well. Sometimes families hire LPNs to offer private care for injured or sick individuals. Other LPNs work for businesses providing health consultations and basic care to customers and employees.

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LPN Job Description Sample

Our facility is in search of a reliable LPN (licensed practical nurse) to care for injured and invalid people in a considerate and professional manner. You'll be working under the supervision of a doctor or registered nurse. Successful candidates for this role must be compassionate and qualified. Ideally, you'll be experienced in providing a diverse range of care to individuals in need while remaining calm and patient. This job is not only demanding, but it's also rewarding.

LPN Salary

According to data collected in 2019 by PayScale, the national average salary for an LPN is $43,491.00 per year. That equates to earning $19.91 per hour. If you're an entry-level LPN with less than one year of experience, you can expect earnings of at least $18.06 per hour. Those who are working in this field for twenty years or longer are reporting incomes of $21.55 per hour or higher.

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LPN Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Patient, compassionate, and driven licensed practical nurse with over four years of experience seeking to leverage my proven skills into a position within your already established medical facility. I have diverse expertise in caring for the disabled, ill, and injured with respect and professionalism. I possess an Associate's Degree in Nursing (GPA 3.7) and licensed to practice.

LPN Skills

  • Impeccable stamina and physical condition.
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Can handle stress and is compassionate.
  • Is adaptable and flexible to change.
  • Can take the initiative when necessary.
  • Must remain calm under pressure.
  • A superb problem-solver.
  • Possesses strong critical thinking skills.
  • Shows professionalism at all times.

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LPN Duties & Responsibilities

Home Health LPNs

  • Helps patients with bathing, getting dressed, going to the bathroom and eating.
  • Monitors a patients' overall health throughout all visits.
  • Changes catheters, bandages, and wound dressings.
  • Sets up patients' exercise programs.
  • Verifies that a patient is taking the correct medication dosages.
  • Remains on-call for patients' regarding medical emergencies.

Hospital and Private Clinic LPNs

  • Plans and manages patient care according to their individual needs.
  • Interviews patients and records their medical history.
  • Obtains patient vital signs and escorts them to their rooms.
  • Administers medication injections.
  • Verifies that patient charts are up-to-date accurately and promptly.
  • Observes and records patient reactions and conditions to treatments and medications.

Nursing Home LPNs

  • Admits new residents.
  • Assists physicians during rounds.
  • Assigns and delegates duties to non-licensed staff members.
  • Monitors resident care and supervises other nursing staff members.
  • Performs on-going assessments of residents' mental and physical health.
  • Explains treatment and procedure protocols to residents.

LPN Requirements

  • Proven background experience working as an LPN or holding a similar role.
  • Can work in a multidisciplinary team undertaking a variety of diverse care tasks.
  • Familiar with hospital health, sanitation, and safety procedures and standards.
  • Understands nursing best practices and confidentiality obligations.
  • Exceptional knowledge of hospital and medical terminology.
  • Working knowledge of data entry and MS Office.
  • Must have completed the LPN licensing program.

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LPN Job Description

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