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When you're pursuing a new career as a medical scribe, which is also known as an ER scribe or physician's scribe, you'll be accompanying a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician, or physician's assistant. You'll be accompanying these individuals during patient interactions to type or write down relevant information that will be used as part of the record for that patient. Scribes also perform several other clerical duties that the physician used to carry out. That way, doctors can focus on diagnosing and treating more patients.

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Medical Scribe Job Description Sample

Our medical facility is in search of an experienced and focused medical scribe on assisting medical transcriptions and healthcare physicians. Your responsibilities will include taking note of medical examination findings, transcribing patients' medical histories, and updating digital patient records. Successful candidates must have the patience to remain friendly, the stamina to work long shifts, and stay professional with all patients. Top candidates have proficiency with computers and excellent knowledge of medical theory.

Medical Scribe Salary

According to data collected by PayScale in 2019, the national average salary for a medical scribe is $30,935 per year. That equates to a median wage of $12.30 per hour. Entry-level medical scribes with less than one year in the field can expect to earn incomes of $11.16 per hour. Those who work as medical scribes for at least twenty years or longer are reporting salaries of as much as $16.23 per hour or more.

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An HIPAA-certified medical scribe with over five years of experience in fast-paced medical clinic and hospital environments. As an emergency department scribe, I documented the medical history of over 3,000 patients and monitored and kept treatment protocols orderly. At my previous employer, I maintained a 99% accuracy record. I'm seeking to leverage my medical data processing expertise within your already established practice.

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If Medical Scribes are offering services directly to the public, then every state in the country and the District of Columbia requires licensure. That licensure designates Medical Scribes as PEs (professional engineers).

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Medical Scribe Job Description

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