Network Engineer Job Description Sample

Working toward a career as a network engineer means you'll be responsible for building and maintaining the daily operations of computer networks that organizations and companies depend on regularly. Under most circumstances, these networks typically include extranet, intranet, LAN (local area network), and WAN (wide area network).

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Network Engineer Job Description Sample

Our organization is in search of a highly motivated and driven network engineer to join or team. Your responsibilities will include administering and maintaining computer networks for our company. Your primary duties will consist of maintaining our computer networks, hardware, and software. You'll also be protecting data, equipment, and software from attacks, as well as performing disaster recovery operations. It will also be your responsibility to replace faulty network hardware components as needed. Successful candidates must have a strong understanding of network hardware and infrastructure. Top candidates can administer, implement, and troubleshoot network devices, including controllers, firewalls, routers, switches, and WAPs.

Network Engineer Salary

According to data collected by PayScale in 2019, the national average salary for a network engineer is $72,547.00 per year. That equates to a median wage of $28.67 per hour. Entry-level network engineers with less than one year of experience can expect to see incomes of at least $57,000.00 per year. Those who have been working as network engineers for twenty years or longer are reporting salaries of at least $89,000.00 or higher.

Network Engineer Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Well-organized and skilled college graduate (GPA 3.9) with an MS in MS in Electrical Engineering (Network Engineering). Eager to join your already established organization as a junior network engineer to help develop and maintain high-quality network performance. During my three-month internship, I gained experience in switch configuration, in-depth knowledge of NX-OS (Nexus Operating System), and the purpose and configuration of VLANs.

Network Engineer Skills

  • Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Flexible, adaptable and dependable when necessary.
  • Is a self-starter who can work comfortably with a team or independently.
  • Can quickly learn unfamiliar or new products or technology using internet sources or documentation.
  • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills.
  • Can work well under pressure.

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Network Engineer Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains and administers computer networks that relate to computer environments, including applications software, hardware, configurations, and systems software.
  • Performs disaster recover operations and backs up data when necessary.
  • Protects data, equipment, and software by planning, coordinating, and implementing network security measures.
  • Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and resolves software, hardware, and other system and network issues.
  • Replaces faulty network hardware components when necessary.
  • Maintains, configures, and monitors email applications and virus protection software.
  • Monitors network performance to determine if adjustments are required.
  • Confers with network users regarding solving existing system issues.
  • Operates master consoles for tracking the performance of computer and network systems.
  • Designs, configures, and tests computer hardware, network software, and operating system software.

Network Engineer Requirements

If Network Engineers are offering services directly to the public, then every state in the country and the District of Columbia requires licensure. That licensure designates Network Engineers as PEs (professional engineers).

  • Bachelor's in information technology or a related field of study (a network engineering focus is a plus).
  • In-depth understanding of network hardware and infrastructure.
  • Uses critical thinking for problem-solving and can visualize solutions.
  • Can implement, administer and troubleshoot devices, including controllers, firewalls, routers, switches, and wireless access points.
  • In-depth knowledge of network application protocols and application transport.
  • Can develop accurate network diagrams and documentation for designing and planning communication systems.
  • Provides detailed and specific information regarding software and hardware selection.
  • Can work with all levels of staff outside of or within IT and outside of the organization.
  • WAN and LAN experience.
Network Engineer Job Description

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