Police Officer Job Description Sample

As you begin your career path as a police officer, you'll also see job listings referring to this role as a law enforcement officer. Fulfilling this role means you'll be responsible for serving and protecting the public and their property. You'll also be working toward enforcing the law, as well as investigating all manner of crimes.

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Police Officer Job Description Sample

We're in search of a dedicated, professional, and highly motivated police officer to join our growing team. You'll be responsible for performing a broad range of law enforcement duties and maintaining public safety. Additional responsibilities will include patrolling your assigned areas, investigating incidents, responding to calls, making arrests, and preparing incident reports. Successful candidates must be physically fit for pursuing suspects and must remain level-headed during dangerous or stressful situations. Top candidates should be able to exercise sound judgment and be intuitive.

Police Officer Salary

According to data collected in 2019 by PayScale, the national average salary for a police officer is $55,488.00 per year. That equates to a median average wage of $22.27 per hour. Entry-level police officers with less than one year of experience can expect to see salaries of at least $44,000.00 per year. Those who have been working as a police officer for twenty years or longer are reporting wages of at least $72,000.00 or higher.

Police Officer Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Dedicated law enforcement professional with over ten years in law enforcement with in-depth experience in enforcing laws, providing community safety, decreasing crime rates, maintaining the peace, investigating accidents, assisting citizens, and conducting routine patrols. Demonstrated proficiency in emergency procedures regarding controlling, containing, and confining; investigative methods, the principles of law enforcement; legal liabilities; and courtroom procedures. Possess top-notch knowledge of federal, local, and state ordinances and laws, as well as departmental regulations and rules.

Police Officer Skills

Because police offers are working under pressure and spend a considerable amount of time with the public, they must possess specific skills. Here are some examples:

Police Officer Duties & Responsibilities

It isn't uncommon to see police officers making traffic stops, issuing citations, and offering assistance to citizens involved in accidents. Much of their time is divided between filling out forms, writing reports, and patrolling. Here are examples of other duties and responsibilities a police officer has:

Police Officer Requirements

You'll find that the qualifications for a police officer will vary according to the agency they're applying. However, many of the requirements remain consistent. If a candidate has a misdemeanor on their record, departments will handle those on a case-by-case basis. Here are examples of other elements that usually remain consistent:

Police Officer Job Description

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