The Best Color To Wear For Interviews & Professional Meetings

best color to wear to a job interview

Choosing the right color to wear can be difficult. Your closet might not contain as many pairs of clothing as you might like. And depending on the season, you might have even less to choose from. When planning your wardrobe, what’s the best color to wear?

We’re going to answer this question for both men and women. Plus answer what you might want to try and wear depending on the season.

Let’s jump right in.

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First, Avoid Patterns Or Bright Colors

If you pick a pattern, for both men and women, pick something that’s subdued. It’s absolutely fine to choose something from the wardrobe that has checks or stripes on it. But be sure that you’re thinking about if it is going to draw someone’s attention away from you. The intention of having a professional meeting or interview is to have the other person stay focused on the conversation. Bright colors or off-putting patterns can distract from the conversation.

Bright colors can often be difficult to pair together. Which may simply make you look less professional. Something like a bright yellow jacket might seem intriguing. But in reality, it may come off as looking slightly childish.

Try to recall politicians. For the most part, you won’t see them in patterns or bright colors. This is because it signifies neutral presentation, which focuses everything on the words in the moment versus the overshadowing color or patterns.

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What Color Should I Wear In The Summer?

If you’re trying to figure out what color to wear in the summer, for both men and women, try neutrals. But you might want to consider perspiration. For example, for gentlemen, a white shirt would absolutely be a great option. But if you’re feeling rushed on your way to the interview and perspire. You may lose confidence if you notice that.

For women, the same can absolutely apply. A beige color might be a great option for you. But if you perspire due to high temperatures, this could make you feel uncomfortable.

Because of this, the best option is still navy. This will hide any uncomfortable perspiration that may happen when walking to your interview in high humidity.

Dark Colors And Confidence

It has been proven that wearing black can make you be perceived as more attractive, more intelligent and more confident. A 2010 study authored by academic professors from the University of Liverpool and Charles University in Prague found that wearing black was far more associated with “higher attractiveness judgments”.

While your goal isn’t to appear attractive to your interviewer, it surely doesn’t hurt. Appearing confident and acting confident can do wonders for your interview.

If you had to choose one color for an interview, for both men and women, it would be black. That is your absolute best option. And while yes, it may seem unintuitive to wear black in the summer, it will hide any perspiration quite well. And there’s a great chance your interview won’t be conducted outdoors, where you might attract more sun to yourself in darker colors.

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What About Suit Colors

The same thing applies, navy or black. This is because even if you’re wearing a suit, you want a larger portion of your body to be a uniform color. While the appeal of wearing a two-tone suit and a colorful tie might seem like a good idea. It is not. You don’t want to distract your interviewer from you, the person interviewing.

Stick to a neutral-colored tie as well as a suit. Keep them matching. Avoid two-tone suits. Pattern suits. Checkered suits and any other non-uniform suit types.

Why Is The Color Of My Clothing Important

Confidence is a major part of the job. Employers want to hire someone who has confidence in being able to perform their job. They want to hire confident professionals because they know their confidence will spread throughout the office and create better output. As well as feeling assured that professional will be able to better conduct themselves around clients or customers.

When you show confidence while answering your interview questions, you show experience. And that can absolutely help in the employer feeling more secure about paying you more and considering you a top candidate.

While the color of your clothing isn’t going to impact whether or not you get the employment offer, it can absolutely help to complete the overall appeal of you as a candidate. It is simply good presentation.

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