Behavioral Specialist Job Description Sample

behavioral specialist job description

A behavioral specialist is a therapeutic educator who works within an education system. A behavioral specialist is someone who is responsible for handling, caring for and overcoming behavioral issues within the education system. These specialists help to plan, develop, and control behavior issues.

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Behavioral Specialist Job Description Sample

Our education system is seeking a passionate behavioral specialist who can join our team of educators to deliver world-class experiences to our student body. Behavioral specialists are professionals who can help to mitigate and undo behavior issues within our education system. A behavior specialist should have a history of working within an education system and have a good grasp of behavioral development plans.

Behavioral Specialist Salary

Based on data collected in 2019 on behalf of, a behavioral specialist can earn $39,000 as of 2018. Behavioral specialists with more experience might be able to earn an annual salary of $60,000 depending on the education system and needs of the school.

Behavioral Specialist Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Previous behavioral specialist experience. Comfortable with ABA Therapy requirements. Can work with students of all age groups. Very familiar with behavioral development plans and interacting with parents.

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Behavioral Specialist Job Description

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