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A Baker is a professional who handles the cooking and baking of food. A Baker is a professional who normally handles the preparation of bread, pastries and other starch food substances. Baker's are considered professional cooks. And depending on the location that the Baker is choosing to work within, may be required in order to fulfill all food service.

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Baker Job Description Sample

Our business is seeking a professional Baker who can assist with the preparation of all bread, pastries and other goods. Bakers should have a strong ability to know how to handle food preparation for large quantities of people. And know how to handle food preparation in advance. These are tasks such as meal prep, kitchen prep, and more.

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A Baker, based on the US National Average (as collected by PayScale in 2019) can earn anywhere from $20,400 per year to $32,500 per year. The salary range depends on the skill levels of the baker and the type of environment they are choosing to work within.

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Previous food service experience. Very comfortable with the baking needs of all food service. From yeast preparation to oven heating. Comfortable ensuring that the kitchen is ready to cook in from the start of the day and cleaned at the end of the day for the following day's food service.

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