The Laws On Part Time Employees & Holiday Pay

do part time employees get holiday pay

Those who are looking for part-time jobs usually wonder, is holiday pay a requirement? Should I be looking for part-time jobs that provide holiday pay? Is it illegal for them not to provide me with holiday pay?

Let’s go through each of these questions and what you should expect when you’re looking for a part-time job.

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The Laws On Holiday Pay & Part-Time Employees

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), who would define that laws that are applicable to part-time employees, there is no requirement for employers to provide their part-time employees with holiday pay.

Full-time employees aren’t necessarily compensated for holidays. But because they are compensated based on an annual salary and have holidays off, this technically makes for “holiday compensation.”

Here’s the good news, most employers provide holiday pay. Almost all full-time who are compensated on an annual salary basis receive holiday pay.

Many part-time employers still provide holiday pay and overtime pay. Holiday pay may be a benefit they provide you as an hourly or part-time employee simply because they want to be a more desired employer.

Some of the holidays which they might consider to be paid holidays are:

What If I Feel I Should Be Given Holiday Pay

If you feel like you should be given holiday pay as a part-time employee, the best thing you can do is speak with your supervisor or manager. If your part-time employer is a small business, this will make it easier for you to discuss part-time holiday pay.

But if your employer is a larger business, let’s say Starbucks, the chances of you receiving a special agreement regarding holiday pay will be unlikely.

So It Is Not Against The Law?

That’s correct. It is not against any law that your part-time employer doesn’t provide you holiday pay. They may not pay you for time off or sick days, either. You should speak with your employer about these policies before you decide to proceed with your commitment to them as an employee. Most employers will gladly discuss these policies with you.

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