10 Best Part-Time Summer Jobs By Highest Pay (Salary)

part time summer jobs

Waiting until the summer to get a part-time job is a great idea. There’s a number of seasonal part-time jobs that show up. Inversely, the winter and holiday time is a great part of the year to get a part-time job as well. Most employers move with the seasons in terms of customer demand. And that’s when jobs can become available.

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How You Can Get A Part-Time Summer Job

Before jumping into the best types of summer jobs you can get. It’s great to understand how to get those jobs. For the most part, employers tend to list their part-time or seasonal availability online. Websites like Indeed.com tend to be the best place to look. Avoiding Craigslist is recommended as there’s no regulation over the job listings and this can make it possible that you apply for a job listing that is potentially SPAM or a scam.

The best way to ensure you get a part-time job in the summer is to start looking for employment around February or March. Reach out to employers directly and ask them if they will be increasing their footprint for seasonality.

Put together your list of applicable employers in the geography you’re trying to get hired within and start emailing and making phone calls before the summertime.

10 Best Part-Time Summer Jobs By Pay

This list is organized by the most pay to the least pay. For most part-time positions, you’ll be paid on an hourly basis. And most likely, you’ll want the highest pay you can get for the work you’ll be doing.

Salary information has been provided by PayScale and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Why are these great jobs?

Pool Maintenance Associate: Many consumers open their pools for the summertime across the U.S. This can be a great time to help with pool maintenance.

Hunting & Fishing Guide: During the summers across the U.S., more people are spending time outdoors. Hunting and fishing guides can earn high compensation for their time guiding enthusiasts.

Painter: More consumers tend to lean into home maintenance during the summer months. Including painting the exterior of their home. This can be a great summer job for college students.

Boat Rental Associate: Boat rentals in rivers and lakes tend to open up in the summertime. Helping customers with their rentals and ensuring safety protocol is taken can be a great part-time job.

Mover: Consumers tend to move more in the summer months. The weather is warmer and that makes it an opportune time. Moving companies hire part-time movers to assist with this increase in demand.

Delivery Driver: More consumers tend to order out during the summer months when life is more busy with sporting events and activities. Demand increases for delivery drivers.

Carpet Cleaning Associate: Heard of spring cleaning? This is a real thing. Consumers tend to want to start their summer months off with home cleaning.

Bartender: Summer months mean more outdoor time. This includes patio time and increased consumption of alcoholic beverages. More bartending jobs tend to open up.

Lifeguard: Local communities open their public swimming pools as well as beaches and oceans. There becomes more demand for lifeguards.

Server: Consumers enjoy dining out more often in the summer months. This increases the demand for restaurant servers, hostess, and waitresses.

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