Dental Hygienist Job Description Sample

For individuals who have an interest in discovering a rewarding career as a dental hygienist, you have an exciting future ahead. Your responsibilities will include performing tasks in a dental office. These tasks will consist of checking patients for gingivitis and other oral issues, cleaning teeth, completing preventative care, and talking to patients regarding improving their oral health.

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Dental Hygienist Job Description Sample

Our growing dental practice’s office is in search of a personable, responsible, and professional dental hygienist to add to our team. Your responsibilities will include operating the x-ray machines and assisting the dentist with various procedures. Successful candidates must have a current state hygiene license, previous experience working as a dental hygienist, and up-to-date vaccinations.

Dental Hygienist Salary

According to data collected by U.S. News and World Report in 2017, the salary potential for a dental hygienist is promising. The average national salary for that year was $70,070.00. Those earning in the top 75% saw wages of $88,820.00. Those earning in the bottom 25% saw wages of $61,230.00 during that year.

Dental Hygienist Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

A professional and adaptable licensed dental hygienist with over ten years of experience restoring and promoting oral health. Conscientious and sympathetic with a proven record of professional and safe practice. Adept and providing concise explanations for unpleasant procedures and minimizing discomfort for pediatric patients. I can multitask accurately and effectively in coordination with dental assistants, dentists, and other staff.

Dental Hygienist Skills

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Comfortable using computer software for a broad range of tasks.
  • Remarkable time-management and organizational skills.
  • Can handle working under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • In-depth knowledge regarding the use of dental technology.
  • Thorough understanding of dental health maintenance and infection protocols.
  • Outstanding bedside manner.
  • Exceptional listening skills.
  • Can create an effective and safe environment.
  • Works well unsupervised and as a member of a team.

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Dental Hygienist Duties & Responsibilities

  • Use of dental instruments for cleaning accretions, calcareous deposits, and stains from the teeth and beneath the gum's margins.
  • Feeling the lymph nodes under the patient's chin for signs of swelling and tenderness and any indications of oral cancer.
  • Reviewing and noting the patient's medical history.
  • Using probes for examining and locating recessed periodontal gums and potential signs of gum disease.
  • Maintaining x-ray machine and dental equipment.
  • Visually examining and feeling gums for signs of sores, disease, and other dental health problems.
  • Exposure and development of x-ray film.
  • Sharpen and sterilize all dental instruments.
  • Improving patient oral health care by promoting preventative dental care.
  • Working with dental assistant and dentists.
  • Maintenance of a dental hygiene program for all patients.
  • Uses prescribed protocols and procedures to prepare patient treatment rooms.
  • Prepares all patients for dental hygiene treatments by welcoming, seating, soothing, and draping them.
  • Provides information to employees and patients by answering requests and questions.
  • Selects equipment and materials for each dental hygiene visit by evaluating the patient's oral health.
  • Arrests dental decay by using cavity-preventing agents, including fluoride.
  • Removes cement from bridges and crowns.
  • Can explain procedures and outcomes in an easy to understand manner.
  • Is discreet and compassionate when addressing patient needs.

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Dental Hygienist Requirements

  • Associate's degree through an accredited dental hygiene program.
  • Must possess current hygiene license.
  • CPR certification is required.
  • Must be current on vaccinations for Hepatitis B.
  • Can administer local anesthetic agents.
  • Using an x-ray machine is needed.
  • In-depth knowledge of dental health and oral hygiene.
Dental Hygienist Job Description

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