How To Get An Airbnb Internship (Step by Step)

Getting your internship at a technology company can be a wonderful way to start your career. Technology companies move at an incredibly fast pace. And they require you to learn how to be adaptable in the workplace.

These are valuable lessons to learn early in your career. And can be used to accelerate any future job opportunities that you might have, even outside of technology companies.

Airbnb is a wonderful company because it attracts those who are interested in technology as well as those who are interested in travel and leisure.

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How Airbnb Got Started

Here is how Airbnb defines itself:

Airbnb is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for unique, authentic places to stay and things to do, offering over 7 million accommodations and 40,000 handcrafted activities, all powered by local hosts. An economic empowerment engine, Airbnb has helped millions of hospitality entrepreneurs monetize their spaces and their passions while keeping the financial benefits of tourism in their own communities. With more than half a billion guest arrivals to date, and accessible in 62 languages across 191 countries and regions, Airbnb promotes people-to-people connection, community, and trust around the world.

Information cited from:

Who Is Airbnb’s Executive Leadership

Knowing the executive leadership of the business can be a valuable metric to bring with you on future interviews. You can reference these executives by name, ensuring that your hiring managers recognize you have a firm grasp of the business.

These executives are:

  • Brian Chesky - Co-founder, CEO, Head of Community
  • Joe Gebbia - Co-Founder, Head of Samara
  • Nathan Blecharczyk - Co-Founder, Chairman of Airbnb China
  • Belinda Johnson - Chief Operating Officer
  • Dave Stephenson - Chief Financial Officer
  • Ari Balogh - Chief Technology Officer
  • Rich Baer - Chief Legal Officer
  • Alex Schleifer - Chief Design Officer

Information is taken as of November 2019.

How To Get An Internship At Airbnb

Before we jump into the steps that you should take to get your application in for a summer internship at Airbnb, let’s break down which department is right for you.

It’s important to understand which business function is right for you. If you have a degree in Finance, the Operations department might be right for you. If you have a degree in Law, then Legal.

Here are the departments:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Product
  • Design
  • Operations
  • Leadership
  • Legal & Licensing

Once you know which department is right for you, we can begin the process of trying to apply for an internship.

When thinking about the right time to apply for an internship, think ahead. If you’re graduating in a few months, start applying now. Don’t wait until AirBNB is flooded with internship applications. Start developing relationships right now.

The first thing to do is to go to the Airbnb career portal ( and submit your information. If you can’t find any applicable job listings, try sending your information to the careers email address listed in the contact information.

Start heading over to LinkedIn and search for the manager that you might report to. If you’re in Legal, search for the “Chief Compliance Officer” or a similar role. Use tools like to decipher what their email address might be. Then start making a connection with them.

Send short emails mentioning why you’d love to intern with them. Be specific. Use bullet points that make you unique. Don’t simply email your resume and cover letter, that won’t work well. Write a short email giving your reason for why you have a passion for Airbnb and why they should pay attention to you.

If you don’t hear back after three to five business days, follow-up with them. Don’t follow-up too quickly as it might seem aggressive. If you don’t hear anything back after ten business days, move onto the next manager in line. For example, in the Legal department, it may be the “Internal Council” or something similar.

Your goal is to develop a relationship and give proper reasoning for why you should be considered a top candidate for an internship. Know what your worth is. Mention your website or projects that have gained attention. Bring up merits that are going to impress your manager.

Once you get a reply, if they ask you to interview, it will be a series of phone interviews as well as an on-site interview before they accept you as an intern. Be open and willing to do whatever is required to get the internship. Be sure you have a firm grasp on the business and know what you can bring to the company.

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