How To Get An Uber Internship (Step by Step)

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Uber has changed the world. Most consumers in the U.S. have used Uber. And this makes it a desirable place to start your career. It has transformed culture and transportation with the use of technology. And is one of the fastest-growing businesses of all time.

The connective tissue between technology and transportation evolution can make Uber a perfect place to begin your career. The skills you will develop as an intern will carry into any other industry that you choose to seek employment in. This happens simply by being present in the environment and feeling the innovation and speed of the culture.

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The Uber Origin Story

Here is how Uber got started. The founding story can be an impactful way to share your knowledge of the company when writing your cover letter, resume, and when interviewing for your internship.

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American multinational ridesharing company offering services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a micromobility system with electric bikes and scooters. The company is based in San Francisco and has operations in over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. Its platforms can be accessed via its websites and mobile apps.

As of 2019, Uber is estimated to have 110 million worldwide users a 69% market share in the United States for ride-sharing, and a 25% market share for food delivery. Uber has been so prominent in the sharing economy that the changes in industries as a result of it have been referred to as uberisation, and many startups have described their products as “Uber for X”. It has been estimated that Uber provides around $7 billion in consumer surplus per year (2015 prices).

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Uber Business Metrics

Knowing what business metrics matter to the business and matter to shareholders can be a great way to show that you’re a high-quality candidate. This makes you appear knowledgeable about the business, which means less micromanagement and more ability for you to execute.

Know Which Department You Want To Intern For

Choosing which department you want to intern for is critical to your success. Not all internship opportunities will be listed through job portals. In fact, most times they aren’t. Going through the process I’m about to show you can have a significant impact on an internship opportunity being opened up for you.

But in order for this to work, you have to know which job function you are the best fit for. This is usually determined by your major or by your interests. If you majored in Business, you might be able to apply to multiple departments. While those in Marketing might need to stick to the Marketing or Sales department.

Here are the primary business functions within Uber:

How To Get An Internship At Uber

There are two ways to ensure that you have great odds of getting an internship. The first is to apply through Uber’s online job portal. Some internship opportunities might be listed here around the summertime.

Submitting your resume and cover letter to these job portals is never a bad idea. Though, your chances of getting a call after submitting your information are slim. This is because online job portals are often flooded with applicants.

What I advise is to get ahead of your competition. If you’re graduating in June of this year, don’t wait until May to start applying for internships. Start applying in February. Reach out to your potential managers within the business and ask them if there will be internship openings in the next few months.

Here is how you can get in touch with some of your potential management at the business and start inquiring about upcoming internships as well as making a business connection with them:

Once you have it, send a brief note mentioning why you are a great candidate and ask whether or not they will have upcoming internship opportunities in their department.

Make sure that you bring up some type of merit or accolade about yourself during this process. Or tell some type of brief story that makes you a perfect fit for Uber’s values.

If you don’t hear back from them within three business days, be sure to follow-up. If you don’t hear back after ten business days, move onto the next manager in the LinkedIn list.

Your goal is to make a business connection with one of the managers and have them see you as a desirable candidate that they want to ask Human Resources to hire.

Hiring interns isn’t cumbersome on the business, which means there’s more flexibility for managers to pick and choose who they want to work with. As long as you show your merits and use healthy reasons for what you can bring to the company or team, the manager should respond.

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