How To Get A Snapchat Internship (Step by Step)

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Snapchat is the latest in the world of startup technology unicorns. These are businesses that receive more than a $1B valuation to their business.

The origin stories of Snapchat and the heavy use by younger generations has made this a company that many recent graduates desire to intern and work at.

Snapchat values its environment. They feed on progress, innovation, and challenging the industry they’re in. From the beginning, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has been the talk of many publications. His willingness to win proceeds that of Mark Zuckerberg, who used to be the leader in terms of brute force and strength.

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The Snapchat Origin Story

Before sending any emails, cover letters, resumes or interviewing; you should have a firm grasp on how the business got started. Having knowledge of when and how Snapchat began will be part of your interview sessions and determination you might make for your own fit within their business.

Here is the Snapchat origin story:

Evan Spiegel, the CEO and founder of Snapchat and Bobby Murphy - his co-founder - met at Stanford University where they created the initial version of Snapchat, which was known as Picaboo. Their main goal was to create an application that would help users send photos to their friends that would eventually vanish. This led to the development of Picaboo, which was first launched in July 2011 in the iOS App Store.[1]

In June 2013, Snapchat released the “Banquo” - Snapchat version 5.0 for iOS. This update brought about several designs and speed enhancements, including double-tapping to reply, swipe navigation, in-app profiles and an enhanced friend finder. In the same year, they introduced Snapkidz version which was intended for users aged 13 years and below. Snapkidz allows users to take photos and draw or doodle on them. However, these photos cannot be sent to other users as they can only be saved on your local device.[1]

In May 2016, the company raised $1.81 billion in an equity offering, attracting strong investor. In September 2016, the company rebranded from Snapchat Inc. to Snap Inc. They also introduced the company’s first hardware tool –Spectacles. Spectacle is a pair of smartglasses that contain an inbuilt camera that can record 10-second videos at a time.[1]

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Snapchat Executive Staff Members

Before proceeding to try and get an internship, recognizing who your executive staff members are and the role they play can be a critical part to the chances of you receiving an internship.

For example, if you aren’t able to reference important members of the staff, recognize their discipline with the business, how are you going to be perceived as a knowledgeable candidate?

The executive staff members are:

Snapchat Departments

Understanding the various departments within Snapchat will be beneficial to our success of reaching out to potential managers regarding internship opportunities (which we’ll get to in a moment). Be sure that you study these departments and find which department best suits your education major or skills.

The Snapchat departments are as follows:

How To Get A Snapchat Internship

Snapchat internships are a highly sought after internship. Snapchat is one of the highest paying internships in the technology sector. With an average pay of $10,000 per month plus a $1,500 residential stay compensation package, this makes Snapchat desirable. In addition, their innovation, work ethic, speed of execution, and social impact makes them highly desirable.

Snapchat, thanks to being founded by college students (Stanford University) has made it an important part of their ethos to support the development of careers through internships.

Snapchat, unlike many businesses, has started Snapchat University, which is a way to develop a vast amount of job openings for internships and give them the structure required to start their careers. The difference between Snapchat University and many other internship programs is that is far more structured in the favor of the intern.

Applying online to Snapchat University can be a great way to get your foot in the door. It might not secure your position as an intern, especially seeing how this is a highly competitive internship environment.

In order to make sure that you increase your chances of success, it’s important you take a step back and recognize what makes you unique. Did you receive a special honor in High School? Did you start a project that gained notoriety?

Sit down and find out what makes you feel disconnected from others, in a good way. Learn what drives your passions. And use that as fuel for your cover letter as well as for the email we’re about to craft.

Ensure that your explanation of what makes you unique uses data, uses strong bullet points, and synthesizes a strong message in a brief way.

Be sure that you write your cover letter in a fashion that aligns with how you might describe yourself.

Once you’ve done this, and you have applied online to the Snapchat University portal, start reaching out to managers.

This process should be started far before the summer internship programs begin. Start this outreach process during the winter months, around February.

Our goal is to get in touch with managers who you want to intern with and mention your unique traits and ask when or if internship opportunities might arise. An email response from the manager is the first step. Engaging in a conversation and planning for future internship openings is the next step.

In order to find the manager that you might intern with, follow these steps:

If you don’t hear a response from the manager within three to five business days, follow-up. If you don’t hear back within ten business days, move onto the next manager. Lastly, you can send one last follow-up email to the manager you first attempted to email, and ask if you should be speaking with someone else regarding the opportunity.

Sometimes, they might forward you along to a Human Resource manager or another manager who is looking for interns. Your goal is to get yourself inside the organization, in whatever way possible.

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