Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay: 5 Ways To Tell

signs your boss wants you to stay

If you are contemplating leaving your job, you might be wondering what the signs would be that your boss wants you to stay. If you are wanting to leave your position in order to be asked to stay, you might want to continue reading.

The first thing is that threatening to leave your role in order to receive additional compensation to stay is quite risky. This is something that employees have historically tried and failed at. It’s not a guarantee that your boss will have the ability to give you a raise in the event that you threaten to leave your position.

signs your boss wants you to stay

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Threatening To Leave Your Position To Get A Raise

This is why you are curious about what signs indicate that your boss or manager wants you to stay with the company. It’s because you are thinking about or are in the process of threatening to leave your position for a raise.

You may already have an additional role lined up. And may have already accepted that offer. If you have, you’re in the position now. But next time, remember that it’s going to be far easier to approach your boss about the fact that you’d like a raise, and simply ask for one. In fact, it will only increase your chances of getting a raise since it shows your loyalty and ability to verbally communicate.

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Hoping Your Boss Wants You To Stay

Before jumping into the signs that your manager wants you to stay, the question is, do you want to stay? If you do, then you might simply want to communicate that with your manager. If you have a good relationship with them, communicating that you’d rather stay with the company but that you are seeking additional compensation isn’t off the table.

But you’ll have to be sure you clearly communicate why you didn’t do that in the first place. You can say something like, “I was hearing about how we were having budget problems and didn’t feel comfortable approaching you. But, in the moment, I realize how much I want to stay and I figured it can’t hurt to ask.”

Be sure that you share some personal reasons as to why you’re looking for this additional compensation. Are you moving to a new area? Is your child going to a new school? Share something that’s honest and heartfelt.

Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay

All of these signs are benchmarked on the fact that you and your boss have a solid relationship. By “solid”, I mean that you can connect on many levels. That he or she is very pleased with your work. That they are happy you are with the company. And that you align with their objectives.

If you aren’t sure if you feel this connection, then you might not have it. You’ll know when you and your manager get along in a way that produces great work.

Here are the 5 easy methods to tell if your boss wants you to stay with the company:

These are the five easiest methods to find out if your manager, supervisor, or boss wants you to stay. They don’t have to show all five of these qualities, either. If they show only a few, that’s a great sign. If they are showing one or less, maybe consider that you might be misreading the situation and should proceed with your new job opportunity.

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