3 Telling Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You

signs your boss wants to promote you

Are you feeling like your boss might want to promote you? But you aren’t sure? Feeling like you don’t want to get your hopes up, so you are looking for signs that help tell whether not they want to promote you?

We’re going to cover three signs that might indicate that your boss wants to promote you. Some of the signs are more obvious than you might think. Let’s jump right into those.

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Feeling Like You Might Or Might Not Get Promoted

Before we start, it’s important to recognize, if you want to get promoted, you can! There is always the opportunity to have a discussion with your supervisor or manager and ask them that you are feeling the desire to transition into a new role.

That conversation is much easier to have than you might think. It’s always a good thing when an employee wants to grow within a company. It shows loyalty and shows that they have a passion for growing with the business.

Telling Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You

If you feel like your boss sees you as someone who can take on more responsibility, you might see them showing some of these key indicators.

Be sure that you take the time to recognize these traits and that you interpret them correctly. For some of these traits, they can be confused with feeling taken advantage of. Be sure that you and your manager have had the discussion regarding your career path and what you want out your position with the company.

Here are the best telling signs:

While there are other key indicators that your boss might see you as promotional material, these are the best examples. Remember that most great managers will tell you that they have plans for you. And they do this because they’d like to be sure that you would like that upward mobility (promotions) to occur.

If you aren’t sure if you are reading the signs correctly, be sure you communicate with your manager. Having a discussion where you ask your manager, “Do you see me as promotional or management material?” is an absolutely okay thing.

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