5 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Respect You & How To Change It

Feeling disrespected by your supervisor or manager can be a frustrating feeling. You are going through your workday, trying to do the best you can, and you feel like it’s never enough.

This frustration can make you feel like you are searching for an answer. Either contemplating leaving your job and moving onto a new position. Or contemplating reporting your manager to Human Resources and seeing if you can change the behaviors that are at play.

Before you do that, let’s go through the five signs that your boss might not be respecting you and how you might be able to change it. Remember, all change begins with someone. And that two parties are always at play when you’re talking about respect and communication.

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You Aren’t Feeling Heard

If your boss listens to what you have to say but doesn’t actually hear it, that’s a sign that they don’t respect you. The issue is that they are listening to the words that you are saying. But don’t comprehend them and take no action against them. So you feel as though you are talking to a wall.

How can you resolve this? The first thing you can do is to ask your manager a question. Ask him or her, “How can I better communicate in a way that produces action?” Or some other type of method where you inquire about better ways to communicate with one another. Remember, communication takes two. Learn how to communicate with them.

They Seem Not To Care

When it comes to sharing important news or sharing that you achieved results, they tend to ignore them. In group settings, they might avoid any recognition giving to you. If this is happening, they might not be showing you respect.

How can you resolve this? Pull your manager to the side and ask them why they didn’t show your results off to the team. Ask them what you can do to better achieve results that they would feel honored to share with the team.

They Don’t Choose You Over Others

If a big project is taking place, you feel like you are the last person to be enlisted for work. You feel as though your manager doesn’t trust your judgment or abilities. If this is happening, your manager might be feeling a level of distrust over your work.

How can you resolve this? Pull your manager to the side and ask them how you can do better. Simply going through the process of asking, “What could I be doing better?” gets the manager to revaluate how they’re treating you.

They Don’t Show You Respect In Front Of Others

During group settings are they giving you the cold shoulder? This can happen in a pretty subtle way. They tend to make more eye contact with others. Or are directing their body towards other people. This feeling like you are being isolated in front of others can happen.

How can you resolve this? It’s best to pull your manager aside and ask them if they are happy with your performance. Remember, even if you feel like you are doing a great job. The process of asking is what’s going to resolve any feeling of disrespect.

They Aren’t Thankful Of Your Work To Their Superior

If your manager is taking credit for your work or lacking the appreciation showing to of your work to their superior, this can be frustrating. All managers have to report to someone else. If your work is contributing heavily to the success of the team. And your manager isn’t showing you the appreciation you deserve, then they might lack respect for you.

How can you resolve this? The best thing you can do is to ask your manager if they are happy with your work. Go through the process of explaining that you worked quite hard to achieve the results you did and feel like you aren’t receiving the level of appreciation you deserve. For this type of situation, it’s okay to express your frustration. While in other scenarios, it’s best to start with an empathetic question.

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