5 Signs Of Jealous Coworkers & What To Do

jealous coworkers

Do you feel like your coworkers might be jealous of you? This can happen. It might not be anything related to your appearance, your ability to do your work or even any recent promotions.

Often, jealous coworkers are a symptom of the work environment. An environment that doesn’t show appreciation to everyone who is involved in the projects they are part of. This isn’t uncommon. An environment like this can breed political behavior as well as jealous behavior amongst colleagues.

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How Do Women Deal With Jealousy In The Workplace

Men and women deal with jealousy slightly different. This has nothing to do with their abilities in the workforce being any different. It is simply a fact of their biology and how they respond around other women.

Women might deal with jealousy in the workforce by being more indirect with one another. This could mean, inviting everyone out for lunch, except for you. Or by making you feel like you are being talked about behind your back. This can happen when you see looks being made towards you and discussions being had.

This feeling is heartbreaking and can it make you feel isolated. Women tend to exude these behaviors more than men. But it doesn’t mean that men don’t exhibit or perform these same acts.

5 Signs Of Jealous Coworkers

If you are curious whether your coworkers are jealous of you, here are some things that might happen when they are:

How To Deal With Jealousy In Your Coworkers

If they are exhibiting any of these behaviors, you might have jealous coworkers on your hands. There are a few things that you can try to do to fight back against this.

Offer a gift

It sounds backward. But try to offer compliments or gifts to those who you think are jealous of you. This is “killing someone with kindness” as we might say.

Pretend it doesn’t impact you

Ignoring the problem can sometimes work. But mostly, not letting it hurt you, is more important. In larger companies, this type of behavior is bound to happen. You will have to learn how to cope with it no matter what.

Speak with the person jealous of you

Communication is everything in the workforce. That’s why it is one of the most valued skills to have on the resume. Don’t try and start conflict, but speak with the person regarding their behavior and how it is effecting you.

Redirect the jealousy

Sometimes, you can invite the same group of people who aren’t inviting you out to lunch to another social setting. Don’t pit yourself against one person. Instead, invite the whole group out for lunch. Try to remove the jealousy by doing a larger gesture. This can help to break the ice and smooth over small factors that are causing the jealousy.

Lead the pack

If you can, use your motivational skills to focus the group who is jealous of you, on larger problems. Bring up company problems or business challenges that might be able to give them an opportunity to create something worthwhile. For example, say something about how accomplishing a project might get everyone raises or bonuses. Then focus everyone’s attention toward that.

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