How To Get An American Airlines Internship

American Airlines is one of the most prominent airlines in the U.S. They are considered the top five airlines to be covering most of the destinations available across the continental U.S.

American Airlines offers an MBA Leadership Program, which is their version of an internship, every year. They seek to hire some of the top MBA's as a way to instill leadership values and pursue challenging and rewarding work for their interns.

The American Airlines MBA Leadership Program has a few types of employment opportunities. These are considered titles such as Finance and Planning Analyst, Purchasing Commodity Manager, Strategy Manager, Marketing Analyst, and more.

The MBA Leader Program offers a developmental summer assignment. This means that it is designed to task interns with real-time work and projects that involve them in corporate social responsibility.

As an intern, you can expect to be quite challenged in this internship program. It is rewarding for those who seek leadership opportunities in their careers.

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American Airlines Origins

American Airlines was started in 1930 via a union of more than eighty small airlines.[1]

The two organizations from which American Airlines was originated were Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport. The former was first created in Missouri in 1921, with both being merged in 1929 into holding company The Aviation Corporation. This, in turn, was made in 1930 into an operating company and rebranded as American Airways. In 1934, when new laws and attrition of mail contracts forced many airlines to reorganize, the corporation redid its routes into a connected system and was renamed American Airlines. Between 1970 and 2000, the company grew into being an international carrier, purchasing Trans World Airlines in 2001.[1]

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How To Get An American Airlines Internship

There are three methods to getting an internship at American Airlines. Each of these methods is defined as our definitive way of getting yourself into the organization and attempting to solicit your desire to intern.

Before we begin, it’s important to note the timing of your internship outreach. All internship outreach should begin far in advance of the summer internship programs. For example, don’t wait until May to start your outreach. Begin in February, when most managers aren’t considering the open positions, yet.

This will ensure that you are considered amongst one of the first to solicit your interest in a summer internship program.

Applying online

The first method is to apply through the American Airlines MBA Leadership Internship portal.

Most of the time, your internship opportunities will be listed here. But you can send in your resume and cover letter in advance.

Connecting on LinkedIn

The second method is to go to the American Airlines LinkedIn page, click on the right-hand side where it says “number of employees” and then filter your results by Human Resources directors. From there, connect with them on LinkedIn and try to send messages asking when summer internships will be accepted. Try to submit your application and cover letter early.

Emailing a manager

The third method is to go to the American Airlines LinkedIn page, click on the right-hand side where it says “number of employees” and then filter your results by the type of manager that you might have. Find their name, then go to and use the “email finder tool” to reverse engineer that persons email address.

Start reaching out to them, asking if they will be hiring summer MBA Leadership interns. Be sure that you include unique reasons why you should be considered for the program. Be sure you spend the time figuring out how you might stand out from the crowd. Is it an award you received, merits you have, or something else?

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