Second Interview? What It Means, What It Is, Tips & More

what does a second interview mean

You got invited to go on a second interview, that’s great news! But now you are concerned about what that means. Is it a good thing? Does it mean you landed the job? There are many questions that you might have in your mind when thinking about a second-round interview.

Let’s jump right into answering all the questions that you might have regarding this interview.

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What Is A Second Interview?

A second interview is much like it sounds, another opportunity for the interviewer to learn more about your past and work history. Second interviews are more common than ever. Though, they may not directly indicate to you that this is a second interview.

For example, you might have had a phone interview that moved onto an onsite interview. Technically, that onsite interview would be your “second interview”.

In other instances, a second interview may be another opportunity for you to come into the office. For example, someone may have had a lunch interview with you, then decided that they’d like you to meet the rest of the team and put together a formal interview with them. This would be considered a “second interview” as well.

Lastly, if you were in a group interview and you were asked to return, this would be considered a “second interview”.

Is A Second Interview Good Or Bad?

A second interview is always good. Being able to spend more time with the team is a great thing. Being questioned more by your future employer doesn’t mean that they see you as a risk. It simply means they are following the normal processes. Any time you move forward, in any regard, it’s a positive thing.

Does It Mean I Landed The Job?

Unfortunately, no. Being asked to attend another interview doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed the job offer. But it does mean that the team is considering you a valuable candidate and they are looking to confirm that.

After your second interview, there is a high chance that the Human Resources department or manager leading the hiring process will inform you of the status of your application. They could tell you that they decided to go another route. Or that they’re going to move forward with your application.

Tips For Your Second Interview

If you’re going on a second interview, there are some simple things that can help you stand out.

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