What to Know Before You Quit Without Notice

quitting without notice consequences

Quitting a job on the spot is equivalent to quitting without notice. This is the act of leaving your position without giving a proper amount of time for your employer to find ample replacement for your duties.

This isn’t the ideal way to leave a position due to the fact that this action leaves your employer without an employee to handle your previous responsibilities.

Leaving without notice can have some consequences in your career. But it might not have as many consequences in the moment.

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Why You Would Leave Without Notice

Many employees leave without notice when they are feeling frustrated and upset with their management. This is the number one reason why employees leave without notice.

In common circumstances, the employee has mentioned their frustration on many occurrences. And feels as though this is the last course of action.

The most common reasons employees leave without notice are:

Is It Illegal To Leave Without Notice?

No. Unless you have an employment contract that states otherwise, you are employed “at-will”. This means that both yourself and the employer have the ability to terminate you at any given time.

Because of this, it means that if you decide to leave without notice, you are simply leaving your employer in a poor position. And this is not illegal but can have certain consequences.

Consequences To Leaving Without Notice

There are a few consequences that you should think about before you decide to leave abruptly.

Alternatives To Quitting Abruptly

If you are feeling like you simply can’t handle the work environment any longer, there are a few alternatives to walking out immediately. You can decide to quit the job and leave on very short notice. This would provide your employer with a week's notice versus two. While this still leaves them in a tough position, it is more beneficial than walking out, today.

Here are some alternatives to think about:

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