How to Email a Resume and Job Application (Sample Emails, Free Template) [2020]

how to email a resume

When emailing a resume to an employer, the email should contain enticing details and information about the candidate that makes the employer want to open the email, read the attached cover letter and resume. If the job application assets are written with targeted intent behind the job description, there’s a great chance that the hiring manager, recruiter, or employee hiring for the position will respond.

When a company asks for job applicants to email a resume, they normally include an HR specific email address or the email address of the hiring manager. If “cold emailing” a resume to a hiring manager, the guidelines below are still applicable, though the job applicant should “pitch” themselves in more a sales format, asking about future job openings.

How to Email a Resume to an Employer

When emailing a resume to an employer, keep the email short, simple, and professional. Follow these guidelines.

Tip: Job seekers should spend a significant amount of time learning about company culture before emailing. Performing an informational interview can be useful. An informational interview provides a job seeker an opportunity to learn about the company and gain career advice through employed personnel.

What to Write in an Email When Sending a Resume

When writing an email for a job application, consider including some of the following in the email.

Keep the email short, under 200 words. And focused on what the potential employer is seeking from the job based on the job listing. Avoid mentioning a unique skill if possible. Mention career accomplishments and accomplishments from previous experience with a specific job that shows promise in the job application.

The person reading the job application email is going to be reading through hundreds of resumes and applications. Assist them in the process by keeping the email personalized to the job, company, and the person reading if possible.

Tip: During a job search, expect to send 10-50 emails submitting a job application before getting a response. It’s important to get comfortable with writing a tailored email quickly. A professional resume should be tailored to the job opportunity as well. It’s never advised to send a basic resume template generated resume to a hiring manager. Use a template to provide the structure and format, but customize the previous work experience and highlighted skills.

Resume Email Sample

Hi John —

I was really excited to see the company release XYZ Software back in 2012. It had a significant impact on my career. I noticed the job opening for Product Designer came up on a job board I was scanning last night and I wanted to submit my resume. A few things about my career that might help you in the process:

  • Designed iOS 11 back in 2013.
  • First hire at Facebook.
My cover letter and resume submission for the job application is below. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I look forward to getting the opportunity to have a job interview with yourself and the rest of the team.


Tip: There is no such thing as a “perfect resume”. Aim to create a resume that feels engaging to read. Include relevant accomplishments that make the reader want to learn more about the applicant. This can lead to a job interview which can lead to a job offer.

Resume Email Template

Subject line: [First Name] [Last Name] Job Application - [Job Title]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name] —

I noticed the opportunity of [Job Title] the other night and wanted to submit my application. I’ve always been very impressed by the company culture and company goals. For example, [Insert a Company Goal or Objective].

Below are a few examples of my career accomplishments that make me suitable for this role:
  • [Insert Career Accomplishment]
  • [Insert Career Accomplishment]
I’d love to speak with someone about this opportunity. I’ve included the attached resume for your review as well as a number of recommendation letters from previous employers.

Please feel free to call me at: [Phone Number]

[Your Name]

Email and Attachment Tips

Below are the best tips to consider when emailing a resume to an employer or recruiter:

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