Template for Listing Minor on a Resume (Double Major Included)

how to list minor on a resume

Listing all of your educational experience can be an assurance that your reader comprehends your entire personal story. While your work experience is going to overtake your educational history, it can be great to list things such as your GPA, your additional major, or your minors.

When you want to list minors on your resume, how do you do it? We’re going to show you a simple template for listing your minor under your educational history.

listing your minor degree on your resume

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Should I Include My Minor On My Resume?

Listing your minor doesn’t hurt your resume. It’s definitely not going to be the selling point for the resume reader. But it doesn’t hurt. Having a minor degree shows that you have a passion for education. And if you have an applicable or targeted minor for the job you’re applying for, it can’t hurt.

For example, having a minor in “Marketing” may be great if you’re applying for a marketing position. It shows that you have, at a minimum, some experience in marketing.

How Do You List Your Degree On The Resume?

When listing your degree, it should be underneath your educational history. For example, here’s how it would look:


Harvard University
2012 - 2018
Economics BFA

Should I List All Colleges I Attended On My Resume?

If you attended multiple colleges, it’s okay to list them all. Attending multiple colleges doesn’t help nor hurt your chances of getting employed. Changing universities or colleges might show that you’ve had a healthy amount of life experience. Which can help certain job functions.

Listing Your Minor In Your Resume (Template)

Harvard University
2012 - 2018
Economics BFA, Minor in Computer Science

That’s all you have to do to list your minor degree. Just separate your major from your minor degree with a comma, then start with “Minor” and then the minor degree.

Listing Your Minor On Your Resume With A Double Major (Template)

If you have a double major on your resume and you have a minor. How do you list that? It’s simple. Here’s what it should look like:

Harvard University
2012 - 2018
Economics & Mathematics BFA, Minor in Computer Science

When listing a double major on your resume, all you have to do is string together the two majors with an “and” or an ampersand sign to indicate a double major.

If you have a minor as well, you can keep the same formatting as when you don’t have a double major. Just add a comma separating your major and your minor, then list your minor degree.

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