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preschool teacher cover letter

When writing a preschool teacher cover letter, there are a few components to your story that you should cover in order to be considered a top candidate. Preschool teachers are around youth. And showing your employer that you have proper child development education or skills is an important part of helping to get hired.

Before you start writing your cover letter, let’s go over what should be inside a preschool teachers cover letter.

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What Should Be In Your Cover Letter

As a preschool teacher, showing that you have a passion for the youth, a passion for education, and proper certifications or training is key. For example, leaning into the fact that you have proper CPR training is vital. Or another example, having proper classroom safety experience.

Here is what is important to cover inside of your cover letter:

Don't forget to include a formal business heading to your cover letter and a formal salutation in your cover letter as well.

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Certifications and Training for Preschool Teachers

If you aren’t sure which certifications or training you should bring up within your cover letter. Here are a few examples:

If you have some or all of these, it is highly recommended that you bring awareness to them in your cover letter.

Best Preschool Teacher Cover Letter Example

Here is an example cover letter for a preschool teacher. You’ll see that we use the methods described above to bring up why we care about the position as well as the certifications that we have, all within the cover letter.

Debrah Smith
123 Road, St.,
Chicago, IL 60619

Applying for: Preschool Teacher

May 1st, 2019

Ryan Henry
11 School Road
Chicago, IL 60619

Dear Mr. Henry —

I look forward to speaking with you about the position of preschool educator at Ryan Preschool. Growing up I was without a mother in life. It was unfortunate. And my father, a working gentleman, didn’t exactly know what to do for me at times. If it wasn’t for an incredible woman at our preschool, I know I would have missed a number of important steps in becoming a woman and professional in life. This is why I respect and love this position and want to give other children the experience I had in life.

I’m proficient in many of the required skills that made up a great preschool teacher. Including the ability to make education fun, understand curriculum needs, and design an enjoyable and professional classroom experience at all times.

Some of my certifications and prior merits include:

I also attended Columbia University for child development and youth education in 2012, where I graduated Cum Laude with a 3.8GPA. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working in a variety of classroom settings.

I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity and showing you how I can ensure that all parents are pleased with the services that we offer.

Debrah Smith

If you can, keep your resume to one page, at most. You want your reader to be engaged. But you don't want to communicate that you may not have great written communication skills. Written and verbal communication skills are very important for educators. This means that you want to make sure your cover letter is as impactful and practical as possible.

Using a Preschool Teacher Cover Letter Template

Follow the instructions below to use the preschool teacher cover letter template.

preschool teacher free cover letter template and download

Preschool Teacher Cover Letter Template

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