Data Architect Interview Questions & Answers

Data architects play a vital role in the software engineering department. Data architect interview questions should be designed around the understanding of data and infrastructure architectures and how to handle large groupings of data assets.

A data architect is someone who plays a vital role by mapping both IT infrastructure and engineering infrastructure for all "big data" and data related engineering needs. Without a data architect, many systems and operations within large organizations would be inefficient and lack intelligence.

Data Architect Interview Questions

What would Hadoop be used for?

Hadoop is a tool that is used to help visualize large groups of data. It can be beneficial to business stakeholders as they can more easily comprehend what the data is informing the business.

How would you work with other engineers?

Aside from traditional waterfall or agile methods of engineering, data architects can help ensure that engineering teams are on the correct path before they proceed with large engineering tasks. For example, mapping data infrastructure and storage.

Why is data architecture important?

It’s vital as more software and business organizations require “big data” in order to operate efficiently. It can be what makes the business money as well as what helps it save money.

Why are you passionate about data architecture?

It is what separates humans and computers. Computers can comprehend large groupings of data and can make actions based on it. This is what intrigues me about data architecture. Putting data to use.

Why should we hire you?

I understand what’s required of a data architect to be efficient and helpful in the engineering department. It is more than simply mapping out data infrastructures and being supportive to the engineering team. It is about creating efficiency and showing engineers data can be used to produce incredible innovations.

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