20 Questions to Ask the CEO in an Interview

good questions to ask ceo

Having a list of good interview questions to ask before you end your interview can be essential to getting a job offer. Being an engaged interviewee, with relevant and impactful questionnaire items can set you apart from the other candidates.

But what questions are good questions to ask? Ideally, targeted and well thought out questions that lead to the leader or CEO feeling as though you are not only passionate about the job but passionate about working for the company.

Here are some of the best questions you can ask either during, after, or on your second interview with the CEO.

Good Interview Questions to Ask the CEO or Manager

Which Questions to Ask

When determining which questions to ask, first ask yourself how has the conversation been? Has the CEO or the manager been very engaged and personable with you? If they have, you might choose questions from the list above that test the manager. These would be questions about the vision of the company or knowing how much involvement that manager may have in your projects.

If you don’t feel as though the CEO or the manager has been personable with you, pick questions that aren’t as deeply rooted. For example, “How do you define success within the workplace?”

This question isn’t as deeply rooted and doesn’t contain any potential vulnerability for the manager or CEO who is answering this question.

Be sure that you are considering the desirability of the employer as it relates to yourself, as well. For example, if they are showing a deep interest in wanting to hire you. Then you can choose questions that are more deeply rooted, as well.

If you aren’t sure whether or not they are feeling comfortable wanting to proceed with your employment, keep your questions further back.

The point is, make sure you aren’t testing your manager and making them feel uncomfortable. You want your questions to make the employer feel more comfortable in wanting to pursue your employment, not less.

When To Ask These Questions

There are two areas of the interview process which are appropriate for these questions to be asked. That's when the interviewer, manager, or CEO asks, "Do you have any questions for me?" Or if they are wanting to have a more informal discussion with you and are alluding to the fact that they would like you to ask them questions instead of speaking to you.

You'll have to feel out the interview process and conversation to be sure. Having these questions in your mind, in advance, can be immensely valuable. Never respond with bland questions or no questions at all. You need to seem like an engaged candidate.

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