15 Final Interview Questions to Use

final interview questions

The final interview stage of the hiring process is when the team has decided this candidate should move almost all the way to a job offer. They’ve completed the pre-screen stage, phone interview stage, on-site interview stage, and you might be meeting with them as the last line of defense against a bad hire.

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final interview questions

Being Prepared as the Interviewer

As the interviewer, you should be prepared to ask questions that shouldn’t have been asked in prior interviews. Before you step into the meeting and before you pick from the interview questions below, be sure that you coordinate with your team to ensure that you’re picking questions they haven’t been asked yet.

The reason is simple, you don’t want the interviewee to feel as though you aren’t coordinating with the team, which can send them a red flag. And you don’t want to lose the opportunity to put the interviewee up to another challenge.

Final interviews are the moments where you decide that this professional is going to receive the job offer. It may not mean they are going to take the offer. But it helps the HR team to understand that they should proceed with the work of drawing up an employment agreement and formal job offer.

This process takes time for the HR team. The final interview can help to ensure that they don’t waste time, energy and resources on the wrong candidate.

Conducting a Final Interview

As someone who is conducting a final interview, it's important for you to be protective of the company. There's nothing worse than hiring someone and then having to terminate them within a few weeks. It's not only bad for the company but it's bad for the candidate, too.

The ideal scenario is that your questions during this process ensure that both yourself, your team, and the candidate feel comfortable proceeding forward. You should see commitment, enthusiasm, and a hard desire to work at the company.

If you see any indication that the candidate is feeling uncertain about this decision, either with their answers to your questions or in terms of their body language, then that's your signal.

What to Look for In Your Candidate

When asking these questions, either one or many of them, it’s important that you see some of the following qualities:

15 Final Interview Questions You Can Use

These final interview questions should give you a sense of whether or not the candidate is worthy of an offer. Remember, be sure you coordinate with all previous interviewers to ensure that you aren’t repeating questions that may have already been asked and answered by the candidate.

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