Phlebotomist Job Description Sample

When you're researching job descriptions for a Phlebotomist, you may also see this position referred to as Phlebotomy Technicians. For those who have an interest in pursuing this rewarding career, you'll have a broad range of responsibilities. These include working directly with patients to obtain blood samples using finger sticks or venipuncture. You'll also be responsible for preparing all specimens for transport and testing in laboratories.

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Phlebotomist Job Description Sample

Our medical facility is in active search for a meticulous and motivated Phlebotomist. Serving in this role means being responsible for patient blood draws. These specimens are for diagnostic, transfusion, or donation purposes. These blood specimens might undergo testing on-site by the Phlebotomist. Otherwise, it's their responsibility to label all specimen vials and arranging for their transportation for analysis at laboratories. Successful candidates must carry out duties thoroughly and accurately maintain blood draw records. You'll also be responsible for generating reports and submitting them to physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Phlebotomist Salary

According to data compiled by PayScale during November 2019, the average national salary of a Phlebotomist is $32,108 per year. That equates to an average hourly rate of $14.67. Entry-level Phlebotomists with less than one year of experience can expect to see average hourly rates of $12.68. Those who have been working as a Phlebotomist for twenty years or longer are reporting an average hourly rate of $17.41.

Phlebotomist Job Description for the Resume

I have more than ten years of experience working at a blood bank and hospital settings. I'm precise and skillful in performing capillary punctures and venipunctures. I have expertise in the collection, preparation, and storage of blood specimen samples. With a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, I verify all medical records. I'm known for having a gentle touch, as well as possessing outstanding patient-relation skills. I have demonstrated knowledge of data entry and retrieval, infection protocol procedures, medical terminology, and quality assurance.

Phlebotomist Skills

In this section, you're outlining your candidate's skills. You can include requirements for previous job experience, technical skills, certifications, and so on. If you have personality traits and soft skills you envision for a successful hire, include them in this section as well. Avoid making this section too long. Otherwise, you'll dissuade applications coming in from qualified candidates.

Here's an example of a reasonable list of skills for a Phlebotomist:

Phlebotomist Duties & Responsibilities

The most important part of a company's job description is where the list of duties and responsibilities go. Here is where you'll outline the functions of the position, what responsibilities will occur regularly, and other pertinent details.

Here’s an example of a Phlebotomist’s duties and responsibilities:

Phlebotomist Requirements

Here’s where you can break down the requirements of your position in further detail. Include informational requirements such as education, additional skills, and abilities.

Here’s an excellent example of requirements for a Phlebotomist:

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Phlebotomist Job Description

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