Programmer Analyst Job Description Sample

When you're researching job descriptions for a Programmer Analyst, you may also see them referred to as Management Analysts. Exploring a rewarding career in this field means you'll be working with companies privately or in federal, local, or state departments. You must have extensive knowledge of information technology to pursue this career opportunity. Serving in this role means you'll be responsible for the improvement and optimization of initiatives, operations, procedures, and processes.

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Programmer Analyst Job Description Sample

Our company is currently looking for a detail-oriented and driven Programmer Analyst. Those holding this position will be working to advise and support the Program Manager. You'll be responsible for evaluating, managing, and planning programs, processes, and operations. Additional responsibilities include analyzing complex systems and data sets, conducting research, identifying trends, and preparing recommendations and reports. Your responsibilities will also include assisting with budget processes, drafting policies and procedures, identifying and resolving all issues, and tracking and evaluating the program and operational performance. Successful candidates must be able to provide expertise regarding optimizing processes, procedures, and systems. That expertise extends to the evaluation of the program and operational effectiveness, as well as the development of solutions for making improvements and addressing performance issues. Top candidates have exceptional analytical thinking, problem-solving, and project management skills.

Programmer Analyst Salary

According to statistics gathered by PayScale during November 2019, the national average salary for a Programmer Analyst is $66,258 per year. That equates to an average hourly rate of $29.09. Entry-level Programmer Analysts with one year of experience or less can expect to see average earnings of $55,000 per year. Those who have been working as a Program Analyst for twenty years or longer are reporting rates of $79,000 or higher. That's an $8,000 increase compared to those who are working between five and nine years in this field.

Programmer Analyst Job Description for the Resume

Incredibly dedicated, professional, and enthusiastic Programmer Analyst with more than six years of experience. My expertise includes creating, documenting, and maintaining computer programs that include system design and development. I also know about debugging, modifying, and testing system programs. That experience extends to being highly skilled at thinking analytically, leadership, project management, problem-solving, and time management. I'm proficient in scripting languages, programming languages, and Microsoft software.

Programmer Analyst Skills

In this section, you're outlining your candidate's skills. You can include requirements for previous job experience, technical skills, certifications, and so on. If you have personality traits and soft skills you envision for a successful hire, include them in this section as well. Avoid making this section too long. Otherwise, you'll dissuade applications coming in from qualified candidates.

Here's an example of a reasonable list of skills for a Programmer Analyst:

  • Exceptional time management and organizational skills
  • Can collect and analyze complex data sets
  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Optimal skills in project management

Programmer Analyst Duties & Responsibilities

The most important part of a company's job description is where the list of duties and responsibilities go. Here is where you'll outline the functions of the position, what responsibilities will occur regularly, and other pertinent details.

Here’s an example of a Programmer Analyst’s duties and responsibilities:

  • Creates support documentation in-house to develop and distribute for applications and support patches
  • Analyzes data sets, conduct research, identify trends and prepares reports
  • Determines program requirements and makes recommendations
  • Analyzes policies, procedures, and programs and makes recommendations for optimization
  • Drafts new or revises existing procedures and policies
  • Assists the Program Manager regarding the development of schedules and budgets, as well as metrics tracking
  • Assesses and advises on possible issues that relate to costs, performance, and schedules
  • Advises the Program Manager regarding the planning, testing, and implementation of new systems or programs
  • Identifies and resolves all problems and issues
  • Analyzes, plans, and evaluates a program's and operation's effectiveness
  • Prepares and presents reports and recommendations

Programmer Analyst Requirements

Here’s where you can break down the requirements of your position in further detail. Include informational requirements such as education, additional skills, and abilities.

Here’s an excellent example of requirements for a Programmer Analyst:

  • Must hold a Bachelor's degree in computer science, business, or a related field
  • A least two years or more serving as a Management Analyst, Project Analyst, or working in a similar role is required
  • Must have advanced knowledge of software systems, multiple databases, and use of computers.
Programmer Analyst Job Description

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Using a Job Description Template

Follow these instructions to use a job description template:

Job Description Format

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Job Title:
[Job Title]

[Job Summary/Job Brief]

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • [List 4-5 essential functions of the job role]
  • [List 5+ qualifications including education level, experience level, key skills, and expectations of the job function]
(Optional) Work Environment:
  • [LIst 2-5 characteristics, traits, and other requirements of the role]
  • [If physical requirements are necessary, include reasonable accommodation details]
This role and job position will report directly to [Job Title] who leads [Department Name].

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