Psychologist Job Description Sample

Do you have a passion for working with others in a way that makes a difference? If so, then pursuing a rewarding career as a Psychologist might be the best fit. Those who are working in this field study behavior and cognitive functioning. When serving in this role, you'll be using your knowledge to assist clients with the management or treatment of behavioral or mental health difficulties. While some positions may accept a Master's Degree in Psychology, most psychologists must have their Doctorate to work in this field. You must earn that degree from a school accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

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Psychologist Job Description Sample

Our facility is currently looking for a compassionate, motivated, and dedicated Psychologist to join our growing practice. Your responsibilities will include speaking to clients in psychotherapy sessions, conducting tests and assessments, diagnosing all issues, and developing treatments and strategies for overcoming them. Successful candidates must be an expert listener who is trustworthy and easy to talk to, no matter the situation. Top candidates are passionate about this field and stay up-to-date regarding all the latest developments in research.

Psychologist Salary

According to the latest data PayScale collected during November 2019, a Psychologist's national average salary is $76,338 per year. That equates to an average hourly wage of $48.73. Entry-level Psychologists with one year of experience or less can expect to see salaries averaging $61,000 per year. Those who have been working as a Psychologist for twenty years or longer are reporting average wages of $89,000 per year. That's consistent with those who have been working between ten and nineteen years in this field.

Psychologist Job Description for the Resume

Compassionate, thoughtful, and dedicated Psychologist with over five years of experience. My experience includes working in a clinical, hospital, and private practice. I'm passionately committed to assisting and treating patients suffering from a broad range of mental health and behavioral issues. Highly skilled at proactively addressing emotionally intense issues and multi-tasking. My expertise includes being high energy, an excellent listener, an effective communicator, and a flexible practitioner.

Psychologist Skills

In this section, you're outlining your candidate's skills. You can include requirements for previous job experience, technical skills, certifications, and so on. If you have personality traits and soft skills you envision for a successful hire, include them in this section as well. Avoid making this section too long. Otherwise, you'll dissuade applications coming in from qualified candidates.

Here's an example of a reasonable list of skills for a Psychologist:

Psychologist Duties & Responsibilities

The most important part of a company's job description is where the list of duties and responsibilities go. Here is where you'll outline the functions of the position, what responsibilities will occur regularly, and other pertinent details.

Here’s an example of a Psychologist’s duties and responsibilities:

Psychologist Requirements

Here’s where you can break down the requirements of your position in further detail. Include informational requirements such as education, additional skills, and abilities.

Here’s an excellent example of requirements for a Psychologist:

Psychologist Job Description

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