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Graphic Designer cover letters should contain a healthy amount of support for your passion towards the business you're applying for. Graphic Design is a somewhat saturated industry. And while there are many professionals out there that are willing to take on this role, businesses often hire based on who has the most passion for the business.

In addition to showing your passion, including support for your understanding of the business, business model, and departmental needs can be impactful as well. While most Graphic Designers are creative, professionals who show that they can think strategically are often hired more frequently.

Here is what is important to bring up in a Graphic Designer cover letter:

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample of what your cover letter should after using our cover letter template below. Our cover letter templates are standardized. All cover letters should be simple, impactful, well-written, proofread, and readable.

Ian Smith
Graphic Designer

May 1st, 2013

Dear Mr. Johnson —

I am passionate about wanting to join Apple Inc. Ever since I was a young child, I have been using your computers. It is what got me into Graphic Design in the first place. Being able to the use the interface and interact with a machine was impactful to me. And there's no more I would love to do than to be able to the work for the company that inspired me so much.

During my tenure as a previous Graphic Designer I was able to:

Assist in the creation of more than 100 graphic's and assets as apart of a major advertising campaign.
Assist in the development of UI design and Visual Design for our mobile products.
Be an internal team consultant and help all departments with their creative asset development.

I look forward to interviewing with you. If there is any information that you'd like to see that I didn't include in my application, please feel free to contact me and I will return that to you as soon as possible.

Ian Smith

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Template

[Your name]
[Your email]
[Your phone number]
[Job position title]

[Today’s Date]

Dear Mr/Mrs Name]

I am writing this because I found your online job listing for [job title] compelling. I have at least [x years] previous experience working as a [job title]. There are many reasons why I feel I'm a good fit for the position. But before I jump into that, I'd like to tell you why I feel compelled to apply at [company name]. The ethics and values of the organization, such as [value/ethics mention] and [value/ethics mention] fit with my personal background. And I would love to share that with you when I interview.

During my previous work experience, I was able to accomplish a few milestones which are applicable to this job. Those are:

[Bullet point regarding previous accomplishments that are targeted to the company]
[Bullet point regarding previous accomplishments that are targeted to the company]
Bullet point regarding previous accomplishments that are targeted to the company]

I look forward to interviewing with you. If there is any information that you'd like to see that I didn't include in my application, please feel free to contact me and I will return that to you as soon as possible.

[Your name]
[Your handwritten signature]

Graphic Designer FAQ's

Questions froma job seeker regarding their cover letter creation.

What makes a great graphic design cover letter?

Speaking to your passions, why you feel graphic design can help a business or potential employer. And being able to speak to how you work with other graphic designers, like a senior graphic designer for example.

What is the hiring manager looking for?

A hiring manager is looking to know that you understand the graphic design job and job function. They want to know that you comprehend the process required to drive incredible design work forward. In this send, you may want to express how you work with a creative team, client, or other team members. Creative storytelling can be impactful to your cover letter, too. Your prospective employer and hiring manager will appreciate you telling a business story and then supporting how you used your design skills to help that business objective. Designing with branding, typography, color theory, and more in mind

What should my cover letter say if I want to assume the role of the web designer as well?

If your design job includes web design and not just the act of graphic designing, then you should include some information regarding your ability to design for the web and mobile devices. This might include previous work or process that speaks to your comprehension of these tasks. The letter sample provided in this guide will still be effective for your recruiter or hiring manager. Simply modify it to orient your work around web design, too.

How should my cover letter coincide with my resume?

You should speak to business cases where you used your skills as a designer to solve problems. And then when you show or speak to your resume, you should be listing those similar accomplishments. Be sure that you speak to process and creative efforts that make you fit for the graphic designer position in the cover letter, too. But align the work you performed in your cover letter and resume. This will help to make sure you put together a professional cover letter that's fit for a design position.

What's the best cover letter sample to use?

Our cover letter sample and template provided in this writeup is perfect. It uses metrics to support your ability to perform as a designer for a business. And forces your creative portfolio to come to live with business cases. If you see another cover letter sample on the web, note how it speaks to more of the creative process (which is okay) but lacks quantitative viewpoints. You don't need to have a creative cover letter as an applicant for a graphic design position. Just because you are creative doesn't mean your cover letter design should be, too.

Is this cover letter sample good for an internship?

Yes, this is a perfect template for any type of job application for a graphic design position. An internship or full-time position. Your employer will appreciate using metrics to support your ability to perform on the job. Use the letter example and letter template provided in this guide to create yours! Don't forget to align your graphic designer resume to the work you're speaking about in your cover letter.

What makes an effective cover letter?

An effective cover letter is personalized to the business objectives and the company's missions. This is what can turn a good cover letter into a perfect cover letter, targeting your employer and thinking through what they might need from the job.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter

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