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business analyst cover letter

A business analyst solves business problems. From analyzing the business's organizational processes to assessing a business’s mode of making revenue and profits. A business analyst uses software, research, data analysis, and other modeling techniques to process information that can be helpful in solving business problems.

A business analyst is sometimes referred to as a technical business analyst, data analyst, financial analyst, business systems analyst, senior business analyst, and other variations of business analyst job title.

Writing a Business Analyst Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter (or application letter) for a business analyst position, it’s important to consider the target company and the objectives they may have for the analyst position. Before writing, learn about the future employer. Their company objectives, values, ethics, and more. Use that information to customize and tailor the cover letter to what the recruiter or hiring manager may be impressed with.

Any previous work experience in management consulting, business analysis, data analytics, or work as a junior business analyst will be important to mention in the cover letter. While there is no “perfect cover letter”, a good cover letter is one that is tailored to the hiring manager and confidently but respectfully requests an interview at the end of the letter.

Business Analyst Cover Letter Example

Below is a business analyst cover letter sample.

Ian Smith

May 1st, 2013

Dear Hiring Manager —

I’m writing in response to the open business analyst position. I’m eager to share with you my previous work experience and experience in both investment banking and at a private consulting firm (McKinsey). Through this experience, I’ve been able to see how business analysis and data analysis can create significant cost savings for businesses of all types and sizes.

One thing that makes me exceptional at this role is that I appreciate teaming up with engineers and software programmers to look over large data sets and determine business analysis from a quantitative point of view. When this is combined with business system models and business processes analysis, finding savings or efficiencies in operations becomes far easier.

I’ve attached my resume and letters of recommendation with my job application. I look forward to our interview. I’m available any time this week for a phone call.

Business Analyst Cover Letter

Using a Business Analyst Cover Letter Template

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Business Analyst Cover Letter Template

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