5 Best Data Analyst Internships

data analyst internships

Data Analysts are in high demand. And the internships for Data Analysts are bountiful. From working within a software engineering organization to working within a consulting group, you have a lot of options as a Data Analyst professional.

Before I talk through the best Data Analyst internships you can get, it’s important to know what type of Data Analyst you are. Do you consider yourself an engineer? Or more of a business analyst?

The difference is that a Data Analyst who considers themselves more of an engineer might fit better within the software engineering group at, say, Uber. While non-engineering Data Analysts might be better suited for Bain.

Be sure you read through the job description of all Data Analyst internship positions before you apply. You don’t want to waste your time applying to a job that might not suit your background.

Top Data Analyst Internships


Uber is one of the most popular consumer businesses in the U.S. And one of the most recent startup success stories. Uber has been on the cutting edge in terms of innovation and technology for more than a decade, now. And they are continuing on that path. From learning how to guide vehicle routes for better timing, to deciphering supply and demand.

This position would be more fitting for those who have an engineering background.

Learn more about Data Analyst internships on the Uber job portal: https://www.uber.com/us/en/careers/


Airbnb in another popular consumer business in the U.S. Airbnb is another technology startup that has reached “Unicorn” status. With it’s service also requiring a heavy amount of data computing. This internship would be better suited for those who have an engineering background as well.

Learn more about Data Analyst internships at Airbnb via their job portal: https://careers.airbnb.com/


Snapchat is recognizable by almost everyone in the U.S. They are one of the largest social media platforms. Their use of a data to make their products better is bountiful. And they offer one of the best internship programs in the nation.

Learn more about Data Analyst internships at Snapchat via their job portal: https://careers.snap.com/university


Spotify is one of the most widely used music platforms in the world. Now publicly traded, Spotify needs to comprehend all of the use of its product as well as digital music information into a compilable and reliable source. Data analysis becomes vital in the path to doing so.

Learn more about Data Analyst internships at Spotify via their job portal: https://www.spotifyjobs.com/

McKinsey & Company

One of the world’s oldest business consulting groups. McKinsey would be a great place for a Data Analyst who feels as though they want to focus their efforts on business analysis. This would mean increasing efficiency or providing competitive market analysis.

Learn more about Data Analyst internships at McKinsey via their job portal: https://www.mckinsey.com/careers/students

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