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substitute teacher cover letter

Substitute Teacher cover letters require mentions of understanding how to pick up curriculums during the middle of the school year. A Substitute Teacher is a professional who helps primary educators when they cannot be in attendance. Because of that, it's helpful when you express your ability to ensure students stay on track.

Mentioning your methods for ensuring the curriculum is continued even after the primary educator is away can be immensely valuable in ensuring that you receive employment as a Substitute Teacher.

Here is what is important to bring up in a cover letter for a Substitute Teacher:

Here are important soft skills that you should bring up in your cover letter:

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips

Substitute teachers aren’t very different from a regular educator. While their resumes and cover letters might be more designed around their ability to be adaptable (link) in the workplace, their education, experience, and passions reign the same.

Here are a few components to what makes up a great substitute teacher cover letter:

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample of what your cover letter should after using our cover letter template below. Our cover letter templates are standardized. All cover letters should be simple, impactful, well-written, proofread, and readable.

Ian Smith
Substitute Teacher

May 1st, 2013

Dear Mr. Johnson —

The reason I decided to become an educator is that as a young child, I was heavily influenced by one of my teachers. He decided that he wanted to make learning fun. And if it wasn't for him, I don't think I would have a significant amount of my personal education. This would include basic math and reading. I was a disengaged student before him. This is the inspiration for me. And the type of experience I want to provide to all students. Here are a few ways I make education fun:

I'm able to pick up where the primary educator left off and quickly engage the student body.
I'm able to design educational experiments to ensure that education is hands-on and visual.
I'm familiar with the state-level testing requirements and local level district requirements.

I look forward to interviewing with you. If there is any information that you'd like to see that I didn't include in my application, please feel free to contact me and I will return that to you as soon as possible.

Ian Smith

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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter

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