Registrar Job Description Sample

A career as a university registrar can be a rewarding one. To be considered a successful candidate - you must be highly organized, prepared to work in a team setting, quickly become familiar with information systems and technology, while managing your time efficiently and in an effective manner.

Registrar Job Description Sample

We are seeking a passionate registrar to join our team. As a registrar, you will generally be responsible for information systems, maintaining student records, and overseeing student registration. In some cases, you may also be responsible for determining students' graduation eligibility, planning commencement activities, and maintaining academic records such as class lists, pre-requisites, and grades. Successful candidates should possess strong organizational skills and excellent time management capabilities while being comfortable with working in a team setting.


While the salary for a registrar can start at as low as $38,000 per year, it can easily go as high as $200,000+ in some cases. The average university registrar makes roughly $117,000 per year, give or take $30,000 depending on their experience in the field and previous employment history.

Registrars are usually offered free tuition for themselves and their families as well as given significant benefits such as lengthy vacation time, preferable pension plans, and a suite of other bonuses.


Below, you can find an accurate example of the range of qualifications necessary for this position.

Duties and Responsibilities

The registrar's main job is to oversee the flow of students coming in through their programs. There are several core responsibilities involved in this task. A registrar's potential responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

Requirements and Skills

While there is no shortage of applicants that meet the aforementioned qualifications for this position - there are a handful of soft-skills and competencies that help employers sift through prospective candidates to find their best match.

Some of the necessary skills that make a successful candidate stand out from the rest may include:

Registrar Job Description

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