Houseman Job Description Sample

If you are looking to hire a Houseman, ideally, you would be looking for candidates with a wide array of housekeeping skills and a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. A houseman is an integral part of your housekeeping team, and in most cases - they are the male equivalent of a maid (and you'll sometimes find the position being referred to as a butler).

Houseman Job Description Sample

In our hospitality environment, a houseman is responsible for keeping common areas clean and presentable, assisting housekeepers and stocking housekeeping closets on each floor as necessary, while also responding to guest and front desk requests. A houseman should possess keen abilities to be personable, organized, self-motivated, and be able to follow safety protocols and instructions.


This position is generally paid hourly, between $13-20 an hour, depending on the degree of experience and range of qualifications of a successful candidate. In most cases, this position hosts both part-time and full-time availability, depending on the individual needs of a given business.

A houseman's salary may also increase up to $46,000 once they obtain a significant degree of experience (typically more than 20 years) in the industry. However, this number also fluctuates depending on the position's location and how upscale their place of employment is.


Typically, entry-level positions would only require candidates to have a GED or any other equivalent of a high-school diploma to get started as a houseman.

A successful candidate should also display impeccable attention to detail, great communication skills, and have the ability to multitask and prioritize correctly in a fast-paced teamwork setting. Alongside the aforementioned skills, being able to display a strong aptitude for problem-solving as well as the ability to stay focused on the needs of guests, especially in stressful situations, is a huge asset and generally helps separate the good candidates from the excellent ones.

While there aren't many requirements to enter into the profession - candidates aiming for more senior positions should also have a range of relevant industry or work experience ready to present with their application. And bear in mind that depending on the location of a given position - applicants may need to show proof of work eligibility such as a visa or permanent residence status.

Duties and Responsibilities

In most cases, a houseman would report to the executive housekeeper, and their direct responsibilities would include but are not limited to the following:

Requirements and Skills

Expanding on the range of qualifications necessary for a candidate to be successful as a houseman - there is a fairly diverse array of skills that can be considered a significant asset to this position.

Being able to take note of these skills could help you better categorize applicants to find the ones most suitable for your particular needs while weeding out the rest.

The list of skills that are beneficial to a houseman generally includes:

Houseman Job Description

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