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paralegal cover letter

A paralegal is a legal professional employed by an attorney's office to perform delegated duties and substantive legal work on behalf of a lawyer or attorney. A paralegal can be found in a law office, corporation, government agency, or other legal entity.

A paralegal is sometimes referred to as legal assistant, litigation paralegal, corporate paralegal, criminal law paralegal, real estate paralegal, immigration paralegal, bankruptcy paralegal, family law paralegal, probate paralegal, and more.

Writing a Paralegal Cover Letter

When writing a paralegal cover letter, it’s important to refer to previous work experiences within a law firm. As well as mentioning having obtained a paralegal certification (or paralegal certificate) for the state the hiring manager is hiring in. The cover letter should speak to the hiring manager and prospective employer in a way that shows strong written communication skills as that’s a key part of the paralegal role.

Having previous work experience being part of a legal team or practicing in the legal field professionally will be important to the hiring manager. Speaking only to what’s inside the job application isn’t sufficient. It’s important to speak to the legal process and how the paralegal job plays a significant role in the law firm.

While there is no “perfect cover letter”, a great cover letter is one that is tailored to the job description, employer, and requirements of the potential employer.

Paralegal Cover Letter Example

Below is a paralegal cover letter sample.

Ian Smith

May 1st, 2013

Dear Hiring Manager —

I’m writing with regard to the open paralegal position. I noticed the firm was seeking an experienced paralegal who has a lot of real estate background. Aside from my enclosed resume as well as a copy of my paralegal certificate, I’d like to speak with you about my previous experience working with a senior paralegal and other legal assistants at my last position.

Our team was working closely with a commercial real estate investment group, managing legal research, legal documentation, and general counsel for at least 500 properties. This put a hard emphasis on the paralegal role, ensuring that operations of the legal team were crystal clear and efficient. I used technology to help advance our team, integrating methods from software engineering teams to ensure legal documents were accounted for and tracked.

I’ve attached my resume and I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss my previous experience during the job interview. I have a number of quantitative projects that can show how I think about paralegal work in real estate.

Ian Smith
Paralegal Cover Letter

Using a Paralegal Cover Letter Template

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Paralegal Cover Letter Template

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