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A receptionist is a front desk professional that handles administrative tasks and office management tasks. This includes scheduling appointments, walking guests to their desired destinations, answering phones, and performing other clerical duties and essential functions of managing the front desk area.

A receptionist is sometimes called a front desk receptionist and medical receptionist.

When writing an effective cover letter for a receptionist, consider including parts of the job description that are unique to the employer. For example, if the job description implies a heavy amount of filing system work, refer to previous experience managing filing systems or transferring filing systems to digital formats.

It can be important to refer to the parts of the receptionist job that seem obvious, too. For example, scheduling meetings, taking notes, digitalizing notes, answering phone calls, assisting with travel arrangements, and other receptionist job duties. When writing a receptionist cover letter, consider including those qualities as part of showing the comprehension of the role.

Lastly, writing the cover letter in a formal writing style, with proper grammar and punctuation can display strong communication skills. And will infer these skills for the employer, rather than having to use previous work examples to display these soft skills.

Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Below is a sample cover letter for a receptionist.

Ian Smith

May 1st, 2013

Dear Mr. Johnson —

I’m replying to your open position for an office receptionist and I’d like to submit my job application. I have previous extensive experience as an administrative assistant and receptionist. But am looking to transition into a medical receptionist role. Aside from having organizational skills, communication skills, and customer service skills, I have extensive experience managing large filing systems and transferring filing systems to digital assets.

At my previous employer, office management was part of the role. And I noticed in the job description, that you’re looking for someone who can oversee the medical office in a light office manager manner. In my resume, you’ll find two prior jobs where I was responsible for the office. And I would be glad to show you and the hiring manager the efficiency that was created at the front desk from these roles.

Please see the attached resume for prior work experience that relates to the job description that was posted a few days ago. I’d love to close out my job search and start a position with your company. I’m available for a job interview or phone interview this week from 9am to 11am each morning.

Thank you so much for your time,
Receptionist Cover Letter

Using a Receptionist Cover Letter Template

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Receptionist Cover Letter Template

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