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buzzfeed internship

Buzzfeed is one of the worlds largest digital publishers. They are considered a "Premium Publisher". As one of the world's most visited Websites (Quantcast 100), Buzzfeed makes a majority of it's revenue through advertising sales, digital partnerships, content partnerships, video production, and many other forms of digital media execution.

Benefits of a Buzzfeed Internship

Buzzfeed internships allow you to learn the basics of digital marketing and see how digital startups treat their products. Primarily, the speed they execute and the ability they have to meet market expectations. This means, addressing consumer needs.

As an intern within the company, you'll be exposed to a variety of these intiatives. And this can carry with you as you start your career in a number of verticals. From marketing to accounting, the internship will teach you valuable skills that are applicable to many departments.

Internship Requirements

Some of the internship requirements are as follows:

Internship Benefits

Some of the Buzzfeed internship benefits are as follows:

Where to Apply

To apply to a Buzzfeed internship, search the Buzzfeed Job Portal. It is recommended that you search for internships before the summer has begun. If you can, apply for internships in February or March as this will give you a jump start on the programs application.

How Buzzfeed Defines Itself

BuzzFeed publishes news stories, investigations, lists and videos about identity and experience, quizzes, recipes, and cartoons across our site and mobile apps, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and more. We use proprietary technology and modern data metrics to continuously test, learn, and optimize. Our workflow and products are constantly evolving to better serve our audience. [1]

[1]: Source

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